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AGCO Agriculture Foundation’s Poultry Project Empowers Farming Communities to Optimize the Growing Poultry Market in Zambia

The coronavirus pandemic has exposed difficulties facing Africa's poultry industry, including day-old chick price volatility, limited access to quality inputs, and lack of skills and knowledge of production and marketing. Alternatively, the pandemic has shown the potential of the poultry sector to help address food insecurity for millions of marginalized households.

AGCO Training Centre Completed

AGCO Africa and Middle East Management team celebrated the handing over of the keys to the eagerly anticipated AGCO Future Farm Africa mechanization training centre in a ceremony with local staff in Lusaka last week. “AGCO’s new state-of-the-art regional mechanization...

Cultivating Farms of the Future

We have a vision to change the future of farming. In 2013, we planted the seed for a Future Farm and training center to empower the world’s farmers with education, training and technology. This month, the first AGCO Future Farm...