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Fuse® Technologies Farm Show Presence: Q1 2015 Round-up

By Whitney West

Fuse® Technologies continues to further educate and inform by participating in key regional events the first quarter of 2015. Customers had the opportunity to learn more about current technology products, hear from leaders in the industry, and visit with Fuse Technologies experts about what to expect in the coming months from AGCO technology products and services.


National Farm Machinery Show (February 11-14, 2015)

The National Farm Machinery show offered an array of cutting-edge agricultural products, equipment and services for the visitors to the Kentucky based show. Fuse Technologies was there offering our customers an opportunity to view the connected farm through our augmented reality experience. This walked visitors through the crop cycle beginning with planning to planting to harvesting and grain storage all through the lens of products offered within the Fuse Technologies portfolio.


World Ag Expo 2015 FuseWorld Ag Expo (February 10-12, 2015)

Held at the same time in Tulare, CA, World Ag Expo offered a view into the largest annual agricultural exposition. More than 1,400 exhibitors displayed the latest in farm equipment and technology. AGCO had a welcoming presence inviting visitors to our farm. Visitors learned about AGCO’s equipment and Fuse Technologies while visiting each turn of the crop cycle, and learned from industry experts on how to increase their profit potential over lunch.


SIMA (February 22-26, 2015)

This year’s SIMA event, held in Paris, hosted 1,740 exhibitors from 42 countries, and welcomed 238,848 professional visitors from 145 countries. New areas of interest included soil tillage, irrigation, beet harvesting, trailers and handling, and cereal harvesting. AGCO had much to celebrate with the successful mission of the recently returned team from the Antarctica2 expedition, an ambitious 5,000km round trip to the South Pole on a MF 5610. This is the first standard farm tractor to reach the Geographic South Pole overland. The tractor was fitted with AgCommand®, AGCO’s telematics solution, from the Fuse Technologies product portfolio. A special version was used on the Antarctica2 expedition to track the tractor and monitor its performance. The Antarctica2 MF 5610 expedition tractor was a highlight of Massey Ferguson’s stand at SIMA.

SIMA 2015 Fuse



Expodireto MFExpodireto (March 9-13, 2015)

Expodireto ValtraFuse Technologies was present at South America’s Expodireto. Held the second week of March, this was the 16th edition of the agricultural and technology farm show. Massey Ferguson and Valtra offered separate stands for visitors to interact with technology solutions, learn more about Fuse through the technology team and our interactive display, and spend time with their local dealer.


Precision Farming Expo (March 17-18, 2015)

Fuse Technologies, for the first time, participated in the Precision Farm Expo 2015. The second annual event returned to Oregon with a mission of “bringing clarity to farmers” through displays and presentations of currently available and near future agri-tech innovations. This expo was designed for those interested in learning how new and increasingly affordable technology solutions are becoming available to farmers of all sizes. Fuse presented their interactive Fused farm walking farmers through our current suite of technology solutions by crop cycle.


Fuse Technologies continues to make its way around the globe as we build on the continued strength of AGCO, and the technology products and services offered to support and enhance our customers’ bottom line. Please make plans to join us at an upcoming summer or fall farm show where you can learn more about all that Fuse has to offer. For a full list of upcoming events, click here.

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To learn more about Fuse Technologies, visit the Fuse website.


Whitney West is a Sr. Marketing Communications Specialist for the global Advanced Technologies Solutions (ATS) group, helping to bring the Fuse Technologies message to our customers, dealers, stakeholders, employees and the media.


World Ag Expo

Feb. 14, 2012 – Feb. 16, 2012 in Tulare, CA, USA

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Second-generation Walnut Grower Wins Use of a Massey Ferguson Tractor

Congratulations to Bruce Brandt of Exeter, California, USA for winning the use of a Massey Ferguson tractor through a drawing at the 2011 World Ag Expo.  Brandt, who recently took delivery of the machine, will have the Massey Ferguson 2680 HD Low-Profile Utility Tractor to use on his family’s 15-acre walnut farm for 200 hours.

“At the time, I hadn’t known my wife had entered us into the drawing,” recalls Brandt, who attends World Ag Expo annually to see what’s new in agricultural equipment and technology. “When I first received a phone call from the folks at World Ag Expo saying I had won a contest, I was trying to recognize the voice to determine who was playing a joke on me. Then, as they started to talk with me more and relay information my friends didn’t know, I realized this was no joke. Since then, this whole experience has been tremendous. Every time I walk out to my barn and open the doors, I still can’t believe there’s a nice, new tractor inside waiting for me.”Bruce Brandt

Brandt’s farming operation has been in his family since the mid-1940s, when his mother and father moved onto the land. The only tractor brands the farm has ever known are Ferguson and Massey Ferguson — the first tractor being a Ferguson 40, followed by a Massey Ferguson 165 tractor still used today

“Each tractor we’ve owned has always been dependable, something you can count on to help get the work done quicker and easier,” says Brandt. “The new MF2680 HD Low-Profile Utility Tractor has been a lot of fun to operate. The horsepower under the hood is tremendous, and the hydraulic lift capacity to work with attachments, such as a spring-tooth harrow, allows me to navigate equipment around the farm with ease. The greater gear selection with the creeper option is really useful when I’m moving through the field with implements and the difference with four-wheel drive is like night and day — I think this machine could move my house if I asked it to.”

Quality Machinery Center, which operates full-service equipment dealerships in Hanford and Tulare, Calif., delivered the Massey Ferguson 2680 HD Low-Profile Utility Tractor to Brandt’s farm. The dealership ensured the tractor was field ready and will serve as Brandt’s contact point for any machine operation and service needs.

The Massey Ferguson HD Series 2600 includes four models from 74 to 97 gross engine horsepower (62 to 83 PTO HP), available in two- or four-wheel drive with independent PTO and a choice of two transmissions. All models are available in platform, cab or low-profile styles. In addition, the HD Series provides the highest weight-to-horsepower ratio in its class for the perfect combination of maneuverability and power. And, unlike other utility tractors, all major tractor components are made of steel to deliver the durability and performance expected from a Massey Ferguson. Visit the Massey Ferguson website for more information on the HD Series tractors.

What Massey Ferguson tractor would you like to have on your farm?

New Products From Massey Ferguson

Have you been keeping up with Massey Ferguson recently? They have been very busy showcasing new tractor launches at the World Ag Expo in Tulare, California, USA, the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Kentucky, USA and SIMA this week in Paris. Here are some snapshots of what North America is featuring:

Massey Ferguson 1526 Compact=

Massey Ferguson 1526 Compact Tractor

Massey Ferguson® introduces the MF1526 compact tractor, the latest addition to the ever-popular Massey Ferguson 1500 Series compact tractor line. The MF1526 delivers the type of performance and versatility needed for chores around the small farm, to work on the golf course and anything in between. With 25 engine horsepower, a three-range hydrostatic transmission and improved ergonomics for more operator comfort and convenience, it’s a tractor “just right” for almost any job.

“The MF1526 is an all-around machine that offers power and torque to handle loader and grading or tilling projects with ease, and at the same time, convenient size and agility make it a great tractor for jobs such as mowing with a belly mower,” explains Neal Generose, product marketing manager, compact and utility tractors.

Read the Massey Ferguson 1526 Press Release

Massey Ferguson® is pleased to introduce the all-new MF5450 mid-range tractor featuring the exclusive Hi-Visibility™ Hood design which allows the operator to see the front of the loader bucket for better control and more accurate results.

Massey Ferguson 5450 Mid-Range Tractor

Massey Ferguson 5450 Mid-Range Tractor

“The all-new Massey Ferguson 5450 is designed so the operator can see the tip of the loader bucket no matter what the job is,” explains Rene Boivin, product marketing manager, utility,specialty and mid-range tractors. “This is a unique tractor designed specifically for loader work and one especially well suited to the dairy or beef feedlot, where loader work is a daily event whether feeding and caring for cattle or harvesting and moving hay.”

No other mid-range tractor on the market features a hood design with the visibility of the MF5450. Unlike competitive models with a square shape to the hood, the slope of the Hi-Visibility Hood is redesigned to be significantly lower at the front to give operators exceptional sight lines and eliminate blind spots. In fact, operators can see the tip of the loader bucket from their seat inside the cab — which significantly enhances the operator’s ability to control implements with careful precision.

Read the Massey Ferguson 5450 Press Release

Have you seen the new Massey Ferguson tractors? What do you think?