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Stylish and functional updates for MF 3600

Massey Ferguson is to update the MF 3600 range in both its Standard and Specialised formats. This will bring the range in line with the current Massey Ferguson styling, and also incorporate a number of new features which have been developed in order to meet the needs of the market.

The tractors from 69-102hp have proved extremely popular on livestock and mixed farms, and in their specialised format, for vineyards, fruit farms and growers of vegetables, salads and other specialist crops.


Rear linkage lift capacity has been increased to maximum of 3 tonnes, allowing a wider range of implements to be operated.

Steering angle has been increased as a result of redesigning the front support on the Specialised models, and is now up to 40.5 deg on the MF 3600GE version, offering easier turning in polytunnels and tight vineyard and orchard layouts.

Tractors in the MF 3600 V/S/F/GE ranges will benefit from revised styling to bring their appearance in line with the rest of the Massey Ferguson range and provide the same attractive look.

Updates include a new roof and grey side panels bringing the sleek family styling to these specialised machines. Appearance and functionality is enhanced with new oval bar lights, work and turning lights.

Models in the MF 3600 Standard Range also get the new roof, plus new oval turning and position lights and new mid-working lights.

Inside the cab, new colours and trim have been incorporated to correspond to other Massey Ferguson models.

A new indicator lever improves the control and comfort of operation as it activates seven lighting and alert functions and a battery switch is now specified.

Optional equipment includes a radio with LCD screen, MP3 compatibility via an SD card or USB link and the facility to store favourite stations. Memory back-up protects stored settings in the event of the battery being disconnected.

Production will begin on the new tractors in September 2015 and the updates will be previewed at SIMA.

Campbell Scott, Director, Sales Engineering and MF Brand Development said: “Updating the MF 3600 gives this very popular tractor the true Massey Ferguson family style plus a number of improvements that will make its operation even more user-friendly and efficient.”

Agri-Tourism: Great Way to Diversify

One of the best parts of my job is visiting different customers around the world to learn more about their farming operations and how they are using our products. I like meeting the interesting people, sharing their stories and developing a greater understanding of the variety of agriculture while capturing videos for AGCO’s YouTube channel. I’ve blogged about this topic before and hopefully will continue to do so in the future.

My latest trip to the field brought me to the Heartland of the US, to a very interesting operation near Kansas City, MO. The visit was arranged by Doug Vahrenberg of Vahrenberg Implement, our Massey Ferguson dealer in Higginsville, MO. Vahrenberg not only sells  high horsepower tractors to large-scale grain and livestock operations, but also to homesteaders wanting to do their own lawn maintenance with a utility tractor and to specialty farmers using powerful compact tractors, like the the one I visited.

Owner and head vintner, Al Renner told me why he loved the work he was doing at Albonée Winery, and how he was looking forward to ‘retirement’ so he could work full-time tending his vineyard and making wine for his guests. Al and his wife and partner, Bonnie, have learned to diversify their operations by growing the grapes, making the wine, selling it in their charming shop and even offering quaint accommodations in their lovely Country Inn with a spectacular view of the valley below their farm.

Hear him tell his story in this video, plus take a look at more videos on our YouTube channel to learn why his MF 1643 tractor is an important and reliable part of his operation. Oh, and you’ll also hear why he won’t let his wife, Bonnie drive the tractor.

Tell us about your unique farm and how you have benefited by diversifying your operations by commenting below.