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Benchmark for Power

Featuring the most powerful tractors ever made by Massey Ferguson, the new 8700 Series delivers ground-hugging torque and fuel efficiency unsurpassed in conventional tractor design. But the advantages don’t end there: All five models in the series also feature a number of other industry-leading components, including additional performance-enhancing innovations in engine technology, high-capacity hydraulics and ergonomic cab design.

To begin with, the new AGCO POWER™ 8.4-liter, 6-cylinder engine delivers 270 to 370 max engine HP. “Add to that,” says Ash Alt, AGCO field marketing manager, high-horsepower tractors, “the Engine Power Management [EPM] system provides a boost of an additional 30 HP that allows for faster engine response, providing more torque and more power to the application.”

The Dyna-VT continuously variable transmission (CVT) has also been updated. “Still providing the unmatched performance without the need to shift, clutch or change ranges,” says Alt, “the CVT on the 8700 Series further reduces fuel consumption, as well as wear and tear on the operator and equipment.”

The hydraulics on the 8700 Series are also best-in-class. Oil flow has been increased by more than 17% to 54 gallons per minute. “Couple that with industry-leading oil flow management,” adds Alt, “and the hydraulics on 8700 tractors provide greater capacity and precision, and faster response.”

The new CYCLAIR cooling system increases overall tractor performance “by maximizing air flow through a series of coolers and out through a redesigned hood,” says Alt. “Vents in the hood split the air flow to expel hot air, while directing cool, fresh air towards the main radiator.”

In addition to the CVT and EPM, the new AGCO POWER engine also employs features such as high-pressure common-rail fuel injection and twin turbochargers, to help deliver more torque and greater efficiency at lower engine speeds. In combination with third-generation Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) and cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation (cEGR) technologies, the new power plant further reduces fuel usage and engine wear.

Also increasing the versatility of the tractors, the 8700 Series offers the option of a factory-installed front 3-point hitch and 1,000-rpm PTO. The front 3-point hitch has a lift capacity of 11,023 pounds, while new monobloc weights for front ballast are also available. The 8700 Series tractors also feature a redesigned, rear 3-point quick hitch that’s easier to use and offers an increased lift capacity of 26,355 pounds.

Inside the cab, the 8700 Series tractors blend comfort, noise reduction and operator-friendly ergonomics, all of which reduce operator fatigue. Easier to read and navigate, the new dashboard contains a Setup and Information Screen (SIS) that is 50% larger and offers 10 times better resolution and intuitive functionality. Cab updates also include relocated B-pillar controls for added convenience.

“These new 8700 Series tractors,” says Alt, “are not only the most powerful tractors ever built by Massey Ferguson, but the most intuitive and productive in their class. They’re the result of multiple engineering achievements developed with the needs of our customers in mind all the way.”

For more information on Massey Ferguson compact, utility and mid-sized tractors, visit masseyferguson.us.

Valtra ARM – Now With A Colour Display

ARM gets a colour display

Valtra’s T Series models with the new SCR engines now come with a colour display on the driver’s armrest. The display has separate day and night settings. The daytime setting allows the information to be viewed even in bright sunlight, whereas at night the display is not too bright for the eyes.

The screen now has separate daytime and nighttime settings.

All power at your fingertips

Valtra’s patented ARM armrest also has other new features. The joystick on the armrest can now be used to control the front or rear hydraulics, or both. The PTO and 4WD switches are now also on the armrest. In addition, it is now possible to make changes to programmes stored in the U-Pilot Headland Management System when the tractor is standing still.

Have you already tried the new Valtra ARM armrest?

Happy Earth Day From AGCO!

Earth Day is a time to reflect on maintaining a healthy environment and taking care of the planet we live on. Farmers rely on the Earth daily to produce enough food, fuel and fiber to supply the entire world, but they also have to rely on the right technology in order to produce effectively and efficiently. AGCO makes it easy to choose the right technology that works for farmers and works for the environment. AGCO SISU POWER provides engine technology solutions to help the world’s farmers comply with cleaner-air regulations without compromising their ability to deliver food to the table. In 2010, AGCO  was one of the first manufacturers to achieve EPA Tier 4 interim approval for off-road engines utilizing e3 SCR technology. AGCO’s e3 technology delivers exactly what modern agriculture demands- cleaner emissions, improved economics and reliable performance.

Last year, AGCO was featured on “The Green Room” on the Discovery Channel’s Earth Day special showcasing environmentally responsible companies. You can see the video below:

Did you know that the first Earth Day led to the creation of the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the passage of the Clean Air, Clean Water, and Endangered Species Acts? Source: EarthDay.org

What are some of the ways you celebrate the Earth and take care of your land and water resources?

Massey Ferguson 9280 DELTA Debut Impresses

The MF 9280 DELTA combine’s debut harvest season saw more than 20 machines showing their paces across Europe in every conceivable crop.

The last unit finished in Northern Germany in maize as late as mid-December 2010. This Hybrid harvester was the world’s first combine to use e3 Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology and is packed with a range of innovative features to provide high capacity with exceptional economy.

“In many cases the combines were working head-to-head against competitor machines,” says Adam Sherriff, Manager Powered Harvesting. “The MF DELTA impressed users with its exceptional output, clean sample and low losses. This, coupled with extremely low fuel consumption, places the Massey Ferguson DELTA combine at the top of its class.”

The MF DELTA impressed at demonstrations throughout Europe. Among the crops harvested were wheat, barley, oats, grass seed, triticale, peas, beans and maize.

The demonstration teams were out in force in Germany, UK, Denmark, Sweden, Hungary, Czech Republic and Poland and harvested over 6000 ha between them. “All units were fitted with the new AGCOMMAND telemetry-based machine management system which enabled us to view the machines on Google maps on a daily basis,” Adam remarks. “We could see which machines were working and where – right from our desktop. It also allowed us to produce a raft of performance information at the touch of a button.”

The HyPerforma threshing and separating system really proved its worth, clearly demonstrating that the MF DELTA is an efficient high output combine harvester suitable for the largest enterprises throughout Europe – whether operating singly or in fleets. “Tests have shown the combine not only provides the performance, but uses 10% less fuel for the same output in equivalent conditions. It takes the lead for us in terms of combine capacity, efficiency and economy,” continues Adam. The MF 9280 DELTA merges Massey Ferguson’s unrivalled experience in conventional drum and concave threshing with its rotary separation expertise. Together this technology offers high capacity, an exceptional grain sample and low power requirements.

“Each of the key elements in the MF 9280 DELTA combine has been developed to not only offer leading technology to boost harvesting performance, but also to improve economy,” explains Adam. “To do this the combine employs top technology in every area – from the AGCO SISU POWER e³ engine, the new HyPerforma threshing system and new Venturi cleaning system through to the Min-Till chopper with the Maxi-Spread chopper hood option.”

Did you see one of the demos last season?  Tell us about it.

Fendt 828 Vario: Record-Setting Results in DLG PowerMix

PowerMix test results confirm SCR technology

When implementing emissions stage 3b (Tier IV interim), Fendt also made economy a top priority and presented the first tractors, the new 800 Vario series, with the fuel-efficient SCR technology. Now the 828 Vario has gone through the PowerMix test at the DLG Test Centre and the results impressively confirm its fuel efficiency: the 828 Vario with 280 hp achieved an unprecedented low value of just 245 g/kWh.

When the first PowerMix tests were performed in 2005, values of 280 g/kWh were considered outstanding. Three years ago Fendt succeeded, as many times before, in setting a new benchmark: the 936 Vario achieved a result of 261 g/kWh. With the current results from the DLG Test Centre, Fendt presents another record-setting result: with 245 g/kWh, the 828 Vario sets a new world record and thus consumes 56 g/kWh less fuel than the average of all tractors tested in the PowerMix (Profi trade magazine) so far. This result can be attributed to the combination of Fendt Efficient Technology and the fuel-efficient SCR technology, in which the exhaust gas is after-treated with AdBlue urea solution. Despite reduced nitrogen oxide and particulate matter emissions, both fuel consumption and CO2 emissions can be reduced significantly using this technology. In this way, Fendt succeeds in implementing the current emission standard, while achieving “More from Less”, in keeping with the Fendt Efficient Technology philosophy.

Do you have a Fendt 828 vario? Do you see a significant change in your fuel consumption?

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