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MF 9500 Series Combine, Australian Demonstrations 2012 Part 1

It is harvest time in Australia!
Following the harvest corridor through Australia, seven MF9500 combine demos have hit the paddocks to show customers and local dealers what the MF9500 is made of.
Check out Part 1 of our MF9500 Demo Program – filmed in Queensland and New South Wales.

A Grand Entrance for Harvesting Innovations

There you are minding your own business, drinking a latte at a cafe, taking a photo at Palazzo Pisani Moretta when you see a combine floating down the canal next to you. This is precisely what happened to tourists and residents in Venice, Italy last week. AGCO core brands Fendt and Massey Ferguson hosted a harvesting launch for their European dealers and distributors in Venice and floated two combines down the Grand Canal. What a site!

While Fendt showcased their new X-Series HYBRID combine, Massey Ferguson chose their CENTORA combine. Both models are an absolute representation of AGCO’s continuing commitment to develop class-leading harvesting machinery. These products are available in a variety of European markets.

View a slideshow of photos below and a video of the Massey Ferguson CENTORA combine’s journey down the Grand Canal or read about the event from the Fendt website.

What harvesting innovations are you most impressed with?