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AGCO ATS Dealer Training in Christchurch – Innovative Solutions for New Zealand Farmers


AGCO’s New Zealand Dealers gathered recently in Addington, Christchurch, for comprehensive training in Advanced Technology Solutions (ATS) including System 110 Guidance, System 150 and System 350 Auto steering and AGCO’s telemetry system, Agcommand.

AGCO’s extensive dealer network gives farmers access to the resources and benefits of these new and emerging agricultural products. Dealer training empowers dealers with the knowledge and expertise needed to provide customers with high end precision farming solutions and the know how to suit progressive farmers. AGCO’s precision farming technologies enable farmers and contractors to optimise their operations, reduce input costs and achieve greater efficiency and profitability.

In New Zealand, the highly professional dealer group attending the training included dealer principals, sales staff and technical support staff. All were given the opportunity to evaluate the systems on display in real time with a mix of Valtra, Fendt and Massey Ferguson tractors equipped with AGCO’s technology products.

Taking an active role in enhancing dealers’ knowledge base, AGCO Australia’s ATS Product Manager, Jeremy Duniam, was pleased with the training that included classroom style learning as well as practical demonstrations of the products.

“The dealer training was extremely productive and was received very well by all participating. It is always rewarding to see dealer staff remain behind after the day sessions have finished to spend more time getting familiar with the systems. The dealer network in New Zealand is very professional in their approach. Their knowledge of ATS solutions will equip New Zealand farmers with innovative technology solutions, which is the future of farming.” Jeremy said.

This recent dealer training reflects AGCO’s commitment to and global emphasis on precision ag technology, recently launched as Fuse™ Technologies. To learn more about AGCO’s on and off board technologies and the Fuse technology strategy, visit http://www.agcocorp.com/products/precision_farming.aspx.

AGCO Precison Ag Expert Quoted in Iowa Farmer Today

Last month, Aguimar DeSouza, Senior Global Marketing Specialist for the AGCO Technology Solutions (ATS) team, was quoted in Iowa Farmer Today discussing how precision ag usage increases as the user experience improves. Below are his thoughts on the topic.

“Since the first yield monitor systems were produced around 1996, two main challenges OEMs and precision ag companies faced on the adoption of their products were the interface between operators and the technology, and the understanding and management of the data collected.

Aguimar DeSouza is Senior Global Marketing Specialist for the AGCO ATS team based in Duluth, Ga. USA

Aguimar DeSouza is Senior Global Marketing Specialist for the AGCO ATS team based in Duluth, Ga. USA

Ag OEMs and independent precision ag companies discovered that the profiles of machine operators around the world were different and this difference created a natural barrier for operators to use the new technology. In South America and Eastern Europe the problem faced was the level of education of the operators; in North America the issue was the age of owners/operators.

By understanding these differences the ag OEMs and independent precision ag companies began to develop products that were much easier to use and more intuitive. Within the last few years new display interfaces have been introduced and products have become much easier to use. All these changes have increased the adoption of precision ag technologies around the world year after year.

Now ag OEMs and independent precision ag companies are working hard to make the data collection, analysis and management easier. The recent public announcements related to connected strategies such as AGCO’s Fuse™ Technologies and from other OEMs have indicated that the industry understands the value of data collection, analysis and management. The final goal is to provide a technology that will allow farmers around the world to connect their assets via a wireless network, receive and send data, make management decision, manage their fleets, etc., in more efficient ways.

I would say that the ag OEMs and independent precision ag companies understood the differences of their customers around the world and started to produce solutions that met their customers’ needs. Precision ag technologies will continue to guide the future of agriculture around the globe!”

Click here to learn more about AGCO’s Precision Farming offering.

Aguimar DeSouza is Senior Global Marketing Specialist for the AGCO ATS team based in Duluth, Ga. USA.

Regional Launch of Global Fuse Technologies Strategy Well-Received in Spain.

The 9th European Conference on Precision Agriculture held in Spain set the perfect stage for the EAME (Europe, Africa and Middle East) regional launch of AGCO’s new global precision farming initiative, Fuse™ Technologies.

The mid-July conference took place in Lleida, Catalonia under the auspices of the International Society of Precision Agriculture (ISPA) and the Universitat de Lleida (UdL).

Matt Rushing, AGCO Vice President of Product Management, Advanced Technology Solutions (ATS) and Electronics Functional Group presented the new global technology strategy at the conference: “Fuse™ Technologies will encompass all of AGCO’s core product brands, enable a deeper integration with our technology suppliers, and impact all stages of the farming life cycle from enterprise planning, planting, and seed growth to application, harvesting and grain storage.”

ECPA field demonstration showcases VarioGuide technology on a Fendt 939 tractor

ECPA field demonstration showcases VarioGuide technology on a Fendt 939 tractor

The Fuse strategy presentation was well received by the audience. ECPA participants appreciated the concept of an open approach – that data from one information system can be used on various systems. The AGCO team and conference participants had good discussions at the AGCO Fuse stand about the current product offerings and the strategy to bring the different technology solutions closer together.

During the field demonstration at ECPA the performance of AGCO’s technology offering was demonstrated on the Fendt 939 using the Varioterminal 10.4. The VarioGuide™ system showed the high accuracy that can be achieved when the VariotronicTI automatic function is used. In addition to accuracy, a high operator comfort is guaranteed.

Fuse Technologies encompasses current products like the one demonstrated at ECPA, and will include all future technology products and services. To learn more about our specific on and off board technologies and how Fuse supports farmers throughout the entire life cycle of farming, click here.

Dr. Bernhard Schmitz is the Commercial Manager of ATS Products for EAME based in Marktoberdorf, Germany.