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Silver Medal for 360°camera fitted to Massey Ferguson Delta and Centora Combines at Agritechnica Show 2015

A new 360° camera system now available for the Massey Ferguson MF 9380 Delta and MF 7380 and MF 7382 Centora combines has been awarded a DLG Silver Medal at the Agritechnica Show 2015.


Silver Medal for 360°camera fitted to Massey Ferguson Delta and Centora Combines

Silver Medal for 360°camera fitted to Massey Ferguson Delta and Centora Combines

The camera allows operators to ‘see’ into blind spots and pick up objects that they may not be able to view from the cab or in the mirrors. This improves safety, efficiency and reduces the risk of damage by providing an uninterrupted, ‘real time’ view of all around the whole machine – including from above.

In awarding the Silver Medal, the DLG judges said: “Digital processing increases the potential of imaging systems to detect the environment around an agricultural machine. This technology is a major advance over purely visual solutions.”

The system also makes it easier to manoeuvre the combine, which reduces the risk of collisions and accidents. Ultimately this will also improve efficiency with quicker, safer headland turns as well as cutting downtime, lowering avoidable repair and damage costs as well as the associated risks when operating large vehicles.

The 360° camera system will be available through the AGCO Parts Division in 2016. The Dealer-fitted system takes about one day to install and calibrate.

Fendt Hosts DLG Expert Committee

Back in March, the DLG (Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft or German Agricultural Society) Committee for Work Management and Process Technology convened at Fendt in Marktoberdorf, Germany. Attendees took advantage of the opportunity to discuss current issues in the field of electronics in agricultural equipment with Fendt experts.

Dr. Bernhard Schmitz from Fendt Product Marketing and responsible for the area of electronics, gave the guests a detailed presentation of the new electronics concept, the Fendt Variotronic. He pointed out that a neutral test performed by the trade magazine top agrar has proven that the new electronics concept and, in particular, the VarioGuide automatic steering system live up to the typically high Fendt standards.DLG Expert Committee visits Fendt factory

In his lecture “Experience Variotronic”, Rainer Vogt from the Fendt Sales Promotion team focused on the user-friendly menus together with the flat menu structure and practical touch technology. The flat menu hierarchy is evident in the small number of terminal pages, despite a greater number of functions. In the Fendt Variotronic, the tractor controls, ISO bus implement control, VarioGuide automatic steering and VarioDoc documentation have been consolidated in the terminal and can all be operated using the same operating logic.

Rainer Hofmann, Head of Fendt Electronics Development, gave a lecture in his function as Chairman of the AEF, an international, manufacturer-independent platform for electronics in agricultural equipment. Dr. Heribert Reiter, Managing Director Research and Development, reported about current issues at Fendt and made clear that compliance with legal emissions standards is a great challenge for the entire industry and demands a good deal of time and money. Roland Schmidt, Fendt Marketing Director, presented the Fendt product portfolio in detail and focused on the topic of efficiency.

The DLG committee for Work Management and Process Technology, comprised of practicing farmers and representatives from science, consultation services and industry, meets twice a year to discuss current issues in business management.

If you had a day to meet with the top experts at Fendt, what would you want to talk about?

DLG Trainees Visit Fendt

In mid-January, this year’s DLG (German Agricultural Society) trainees visited Fendt in Marktoberdorf. A full programme gave the trainees the opportunity to take a closer look at the Fendt brand.

The corporate structure, mission and philosophy of the Fendt brand were the focus of the discussion with Peter-Josef Paffen, Spokesman for the Fendt Management. Roland Schmidt, Fendt Marketing Director, who went through the DLG-trainee programme before he began his career at Fendt, informed the trainees about the tasks and challenges in the area of marketing, and further topics, such as “Prospects at Fendt” and a tour of the factory rounded out the visit. The trainees made good use of the opportunity to learn more about Fendt and discovered that a total of 25 Fendt tractors were at work on their farms at home.

The DLG trainee program was founded in 1997 with the aim of training young people for management and executive positions in the agricultural industry. Every year since then, 15 to 20 university and college graduates from the agricultural sector go through the nine-month programme. In addition to the seminar weeks, in which topics such as personnel management or policy management are on the agenda, there are also two three-month company internships, which focus on training. These internships can be selected from a pool of over 160 companies in the upstream and downstream areas of the agricultural sector and numerous farming businesses. Fendt has been a partner of this programme from the very beginning.

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