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Winning Combo Makes for Dynamic Duo

Co-promotion ad with BASF featuring RoGator

Have you ever noticed how true winners seem to find each other and join forces to make things happen? This has been the case for two truly innovative products in Canada – the RoGator® and BASF’s HEAT® herbicide.

Our top-of-the-line self-propelled sprayer and BASF’s innovative new herbicide are enjoying a co-promotion across the western part of Canada. BASF is featuring the RoGator in all of its print advertising, positioning our machine as the applicator of choice for use when applying HEAT herbicide, which features a unique class of chemistry designed for burndown of targeted weeds and grasses for pre-seed and chemfallow applications.

In the first quarter of 2011, BASF held a contest across western Canada in which growers signed up in record numbers to win a one-year lease on a RoGator 1194 self-propelled sprayer and a case of HEAT herbicide.

The prize winner was chosen in April: Gordie Mueller of Humboldt, Saskatchewan, who manages a 3,500-acre farming operation that grows canola, peas, wheat, oats, barley and lentils. As the winner, Mueller gets to use a 1194 Self-Propelled RoGator  for one year or 200 hours – whichever comes first, in addition to winning enough BASF HEAT herbicide and MERGE® to treat 640 acres. The total value of the prize is more than $54,000.

Upon winning, Mueller said the prize was a “pretty big shock!” He even added that he was intending to switch to a high-clearance sprayer next year, so this win was an absolutely perfect fit for him.

The RoGator is a common sight across the prairies of Canada, providing application of a wide variety of fertilizers and crop-protection products for wheat, canola and other crops common to that country. With large tracts of land to cover – often when racing the clock to make timely applications in a short timeframe – the RoGator is a natural choice for Canadian farmers and professional applicators alike.

Paired together, the RoGator and HEAT herbicide are simply unbeatable. Check out to see what customers are saying about the RoGator and on BASF’s HEAT Herbicide.

Be on the look out for our next co-promotion. In the meantime – what are some of the winning combinations you’ve put together with your AGCO machines?

Text and Win with Hesston by Massey Ferguson Auto-Steer Auto-Save Event

Are you in North America and interested in getting the latest farming technology for free? Then join us now for the Hesston by Massey Ferguson Auto-Steer Auto-Save Event! When you purchase a Hesston by Massey Ferguson SP Windrower you will receive our System 150 AutoSteering™ FREE! That is a $15,000 value.

The Hesston Series self-propelled windrowers from Massey Ferguson include three tough, versatile models that can handle any job you throw their way.  Using next generation positioning technology the System 150 Auto Steering represents superior value for today’s farmer. On-screen visual aids, including the optional detachable lightbar and easy-to-read coverage maps, provide job information for complete application accuracy. Currently a range of steering-ready tractors are supported.

Do you want more information on the Hesston by Massey Ferguson Auto-Steer Auto-Save Event and the chance to win great prizes?

Text Hesston to 99699 to learn more about our Massey Ferguson Auto-Steer Auto-Save Event and participate in trivia contests where you can win Massey Ferguson give-a-ways.

Text Hesston to 99699 today to answer the very first trivia question about Hesston by Massey Ferguson history. (First 10 to respond correctly win).

Isn’t time you got your hands on a Hesston?

Share photos of your Hesston products with us on our Facebook page.

This program is only available in North America, some restrictions apply. Click to view terms and conditions.

Kayla’s Farm Life Lesson #7

AGCO’s Blog contest winner, Kayla, was inspired by AGCO’s recent Farm Dog Contest in writing her February post.

Farm Life Lesson #7: Every good farm needs a good dog

I admit it.  There is something about a puppy that gets me every time.  And a beautiful dog?  He will just melt my heart.  AGCO’s  Farm Dog Photo contest has had me in puddles!  What a great looking group of dogs.  It makes me think of our Ranger.

It was a year ago that I went with my Farmer Husband on an equipment run.  We were going to pick up a new ATV for Kayla's Farm Dogthe farm.  On the way home, we swung by a place that had puppies for sale.  Cute, fluffy, adorable golden retriever puppies.  We were hooked.  Heading home with us was Ranger, a retriever named after our new ATV.  Ranger proved true to his name, too.  That ATV is his favorite place in the world.

The other night we got home and couldn’t find Ranger.  We looked and called for him late into the night.  This just wasn’t like him.  I attempted to prepare the kids for the worst.  Early the next morning, farmer husband went out searching again.  There was a group of land surveyors on our fields, and he drove over to ask if they had seen anything.  They pointed up ahead to their boss.  He was driving an ATV similar to ours.  And sure enough, as Farmer Husband pulled up, Ranger’s head popped up from the guy’s floor board.  Crazy dog had made himself at home with a new friend.

It made me think about farm dogs.  They are our workers.  They are our protectors.  They guard, herd, help, or maybe just tag along.  But most of all, they are our friends.  You could see the love in all of the contest photos.  It appears “man’s best friend” is especially appreciated out on the farm.

Where is the craziest place you have ever found your farm dog?