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Storing Profits on the Farm

Stephen Sork knew from the time he was in fifth grade that working on the farm—being with his father, Ernie, grandfather, Marshall, and uncle, Vernon Gwaltney—was the life for him. “Dad and my uncle always let me help out,” says Steve, still a youthful-looking 45. “I loved it.”

Stephen Sork

Stephen Sork

What goes around comes around. Now Steve and wife, Amy, can foresee the day when their children might want to be a part of their Fairfield, Ill.-based Sork Farms. Their five children are all waiting in the wings.

Generally, producers who want to accommodate additional generations have to grow, monitor expenses and maximize income. Steve, who is now partner in the operation with Ernie, is doing all the above.

For instance, during the past few years the two Sorks grew commodity corn, soybeans and wheat—with an occasional small foray into specialty crops, such as food-grade corn—on about 5,500 acres. That’s nearly double what they were farming 10 years ago.

In addition to farming more acreage, income growth has also come by watching markets. To hold their grain until the price is right, the Sorks have 500,000 bushels worth of storage, enough to hold 75% of the corn they harvest in an average year. Half that capacity was added methodically over the past decade.

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AGCO Jackson Introduces Intivity Center

We are pleased to announce that Intivity Center will be the feature attraction of its newly renovated manufacturing facility in Jackson, Minn.  Intivity Center, opening in Spring 2012, showcases the past, present and future farmer-focused innovation and productivity upon which brands such as Massey Ferguson and Challenger have been built. Visitors who tour the center and factory also will experience the people, process and physical materials that go into each tractor and sprayer.

Watch the video for a sneak peek at Intivity Center and our manufacturing expansion.

“Inside the walls in Jackson is a long-standing tradition of dedication, excellence and hard work that brings agriculture some of the highest quality and most respected products on the market,” says Bob Crain, senior vice president and general manager, AGCO North America. “Intivity Center is going to be a must-see destination that will showcase AGCO’s leadership in the development of agricultural innovations that will benefit North American growers now and long into the future.”

Intivity Center - Where Innovation Meets Productivity

  • Interactive displays, animation of futuristic products, videos, an extensive collection of historical artifacts are among Intivity Center features.
  •  State-of-the-art 16,000-square-foot Intivity Center will host as many as 10,000 local and international visitors annually.
  • 75,000-square-foot expansion of the manufacturing facility brings Massey Ferguson row-crop tractor production back to North America.
  • Production now includes Massey Ferguson 8600 Series and Challenger MT600D Series row crop tractors; in addition to Challenger track and 4WD articulated tractors and RoGator, TerraGator and SpraCoupe application equipment built there.

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