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Farm Safety: One Seat, One Rider

The following post is submitted by Tracy Schlater from Farm Safety 4 Just Kids, a non-profit organization in North America which provides resources and training to individuals and communities to conduct farm safety awareness and education programs. Today’s topic talks about the  “one seat, one rider” rule.

“Daddy, can I have a ride?”Farm Safety 4 Just Kids Logo

Farm parents always seek ways to instill an appreciation for the industry in their children. Riding on the tractor with Dad has long been a tradition for farm families.

Think twice next time your child asks to ride along.

Machinery – including tractors – accounts for one quarter of fatalities among children. Great strides in safety are being made by AGCO and other farm equipment manufacturers. ROPS (roll over protective structures) are standard on many tractors, and optional instructional seats are being offered. An instructional seat is the only safe option for a second person to ride on a tractor or farm implement.

Kids are always eager to go a few rounds on the tractor or combine. Next time they ask to ride with you, explain the “one seat, one rider” rule. If you don’t have an instructional seat let them know there isn’t a seat belt for them, and they have to be buckled up just like they do in the car.

While it’s hard to turn down a child with an interest in agriculture… it’s easier to bury a tradition than a child.

For more information on tractor safety, visit Farm Safety 4 Just Kids at

What tips do you have to share about keeping kids safe on the farm?