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But I Don’t Want to Drive to the Store!

How nice would it be if you did not have to actually steer your pickup truck? After you fire it up, press a few buttons and off you go down the road to the grocery store, without touching the wheel! Boy howdy, that would be convenient, everyone would be multi-tasking to the max. Here at AGCO, we are already working on that for your tractors and combines. While pioneering that road, the Advanced Technology Solutions division has transformed a golf cart into a fully autonomous vehicle.

AGCO hosts a National Training Event each spring welcoming dealers and employees to have a hands on experience of how we are changing the future of agriculture. Here, I was able to sit on a fully autonomous golf cart. The steering system on the beast of a golf cart was Topcon’s AES-25 paired with Topcon’s System 150 guidance. Combining these two forces together creates a fully autonomous vehicle ready to bring you where ever it is programmed to go!

Auto-Guidance is the future of accuracy in precision farming. Ian Yule of Massey University in New Zealand states, “Guidance assistance and auto steer have had a major impact on the agriculture industry. Within 15 years, we have gone from a simple light-bar indicator to fully automated control of tractors and implements.”

In FARM INDUSTRY NEWS, Karen McMahon says that ”recently AGCO and Topcon announced they are working together on technology for autonomous vehicles. At AG CONNECT Expo, the companies discussed their early research and displayed a device called LiDar that can be used with an autonomous farm vehicle.” Autonomous vehicles were ranked in the top 20 technologies that are changing agriculture.

How are you going to auto-mate your life?

Treat yourself to a System 150 and you won’t be steering in no time!