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Technology Experts Were at Agritechnica to Showcase Precision Farming Products

By Bernhard Schmitz

AGCO’s new technology strategy, FuseTM Technologies, was a major component of AGCO’s presence recently at Agritechnica, the world’s largest exhibition of agricultural machinery and equipment. Held in Hanover, Germany, from November 12-16, 2013, the show attracted 450,000 visitors from across the globe.

Fuse Interactive Smart Farm

The Fuse Technologies interactive smart farm operated on a video game platform and showed how Fuse products help growers in each phase of the crop cycle.

Show attendees could experience Fuse products and learn more about the strategy in several ways. The Fuse booth was located at the center of the AGCO floor plan, where visitors could interact with touch screen stations to learn about the Fuse connected strategy.

The Fuse booth also included the interactive smart farm display that showed how Fuse Technologies helps growers through each phase of the crop cycle. Eric Hansotia, Senior Vice President of Global Harvesting and ATS, and Helmut Endres, Senior Vice President of Engineering Worldwide both visited the Fuse booth and interacted with the Fuse smart farm screen.

After learning about what Fuse is and how it helps growers, visitors could venture out to each brand area—Challenger, Fendt, GSI, Massey Ferguson and Valtra, as well as Fella—which featured technology stands staffed with experts ready to answer attendees’ precision farming questions.

Show attendees could interact with each brand’s precision farming products, especially some of the new products that made their debut at the show such as VarioGuide Light and the latest AgCommandTM integrations.

Additionally, AGCO’s own Matt Rushing, Vice President of Product Management, Advanced Technology Solutions (ATS) and Electronics Functional Group, was on-hand at the Massey Ferguson stand to explain the Fuse Technologies strategy: click here to see the video.

To see photos from Agritechnica 2013, visit our Facebook page.
To learn more about Fuse Technologies, click here.

Dr. Bernhard Schmitz is the Commercial Manager of ATS Products for EAME based in Neuhausen, Switzerland.

Farm Progress Show Attendees Caught a Break From the Heat While Learning About AGCO’s Technology Offerings

By Jason O’Flanagan

The 2013 Farm Progress Show (FPS) held in Decatur, IL, from August 27-29 was a great platform for farmers in North America to be exposed to the new FuseTM Technologies strategy from AGCO. FPS is the largest open air farm show in the Americas, with a unique focus directly on the farmer.

AGCO Fuse Technologies at Farm Progress Show, Illinois

The Fuse team helped answer questions at the smart bar and demonstrated key technology products for customers at FPS.

During the show AGCO showcased its technology offerings under the shade of the Fuse Pavilion at the center of the AGCO lot. Pathways leading in and out of the pavilion emphasized a key piece of the Fuse strategy – connectivity among different machinery – and guided users to various machines where they could talk with AGCO experts about Fuse technology products.

On the stage within the Fuse Pavilion, presentations at lunchtime on Tuesday and Wednesday included Bob Crain, Sr. VP of AGCO NA, Dr. Jay Lehr, Mike Pearson and me, Jason O’Flanagan. The panel discussed technology in general as well as how the Fuse Technologies strategy would benefit the farmer.

Key to the Fuse Technologies message was the “smart bar.” It featured some of the technology products that are already part of the Fuse portfolio such as AgCommandTM and Auto-Guide® 3000, which were available for demos. The pavilion and smart bar were a hit in the hot weather, providing a welcome respite from the sun to have questions answered and to see the technology in action.

Auto-Guide and AgCommand at Farm Progress ShowThe Farm Progress Show was a successful event in spite of the very hot weather. Fuse formed the centerpiece of AGCO’s commitment to its core goal:

“High-tech solutions for professional farmers feeding the world.”

To see more photos from the event, visit our Facebook page.

To learn more about Fuse Technologies, click here.

Jason O’Flanagan is a Senior Marketing Specialist for the AGCO ATS team for the North America region.

HIGH fuel prices have you DOWN?

No one likes seeing fuel prices continuing to rise, especially people who use massive amounts of fuel every day, regardless of the price. Forecasters claim prices will continue to rise before they start to go down.  Even with red-dye fuel being less expensive then on-road fuel, you can still feel the hit in your back pocket when you fill up your vehicle.

AGCO has a solution for YOU! By installing our auto guidance solutions on your vehicles, you will instantly start seeing savings right back into YOUR pocket.  With saving money on operator time and machine running time aside, your saving of fuel will be extraordinary. Install a System 150 auto-guidance on your tractor or combine to start SAVING money instantly!

Renee Boivin, marketing manager, Massey Ferguson, states “System 150 will save our customers money on every pass across a field and they can select the level of accuracy right for their operation. With diesel fuel costs rising, System 150 is the perfect complement to our Dyna-Step transmission and Datatronics III, our electronic control system. Each is designed to improve operator and equipment efficiency and productivity.”

To put the proof in the pudding on the fuel savings auto-guidance, Professor Yves Reckleben, managing director of RKL in Rendsburg says, “depending on investment costs for the system in question, and the annual extent of use, the results, e.g. for annual application area of 1,250 acres can range from $32.05 to $102.51 dollar per acre. With that, the savings effect is already more than the annual costs for the system. Avoiding overlapping during fieldwork leads to work efficiency improvements and reduces inputs as well as implement wear.”  To read more of what Professor Reckleben has to say about precision farming in the Spring edition of Agrifuture magazine click here!  http://www.agrifuture.com/

If you are looking to save money on daily tasks such as fuel, operating time, and application there is no doubt that Auto-Guidance is the best option for you, the only question is which system. Here at AGCO, we offer everything from a Lightbar option all the way to RTK accuracy.

Are you going to save money on fuel this summer? Take action and save money on your bottom line today!

Photo via joust67