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Who wants Agriculture Apps?!?

Hey there! I recently picked up an iPad2 and I am addicted to all the different Apps that are available, even more so than on my iPhone! Everything from sports to financial news and most importantly Agriculture! While most farmers are not walking around with an iPad around the shop or in the field  all the Apps below are also available on the iPhone. Every farmer wants to know the future weather patterns; the Weather Channel App is interactive and intuitive. It provides “layers” on the radar map for everything from “feels like” to “UV index”.

Most importantly, the Ag Apps! In no order of importance I have listed my Top 5 Apps that help the everyday farmer around his/her day to day tasks as well as commodity news and updates.

1)      AGWEB – Their news is broken down by Crops, Business, and Livestock. Providing detailed information on the biggest headlines that can help you grow your business.

2)      Spray Lite – Spray Lite customizes to your farm! The app provides entries for detailed information regarding your farm, where you sprayed, what chemical you applied and what crops you are growing. The settings are adjustable to focus on a specific operator, including the spray pressure, water rate, and speed of application. Over all a great crop management App.


3)      AgriBusiness – This is the most detailed informational Ag App I have found. Subcategories include BioFuel, Corn Markets, Dairy, Fertilizer, Fruit, Forestry, Rice, Nuts, Tobacco, and Wheat. Some subcategories break down regional information into as many as 110 different countries!

4)      PrecisionEarth – Using the GPS in your phone, this App can map out field boundaries and utilize Shapefiles. It also has the functionality to Import Imagery, Analysis Results, and Export Shapefiles. Entering grower, farm and field information, has never been easier!

5)      Tank Mix Calculator – Who wants to do math all day? I know I sure don’t. Select the acreage, tank size and gallon per acre, then select the chemical (over 170 to pick from) and you are off to the field! This is a real time saver, not to mention eliminates mathematical errors that could kill your crops!

These are only a few of my favorites; farmers are designing their own to suite their needs. If you could design an App to help you run your farm what would it include?!?

Agriculture Apps

There has been a recent stir about farmers using Apps to help them on the farm. It makes sense right? If a stock broker can check the market with the touch of a button, why can’t a farmer check the moisture level in his soil? Well now he can! Ever since Verizon rolled out the iPhone 4 earlier this year, more agriculture Apps have been popping up than ever.

If you have the ability to download and utilize Apps and have yet to do so, you will be by the end of this article. There are Apps for everything from playing Scrabble with your friends around the globe to locating the lowest gas price in your vicinity. These have been around for a few years, but Agriculture Apps have recently been catching on and spreading like a wild fire.

Here are my top 5 favorite FREE Agriculture Apps.

1: SoilWed – GPS based, real-time access to USDA-NRCS soil survey data, formatted for mobile devices. This application retrieves graphical summaries of soil types associated with the user’s current geographical location. Images are linked to detailed information on the named soils.

2: PureSense: Allows user to access information from underground sensors that detect moisture levels near the roots of crops.

3: Dupont Tankmix: Allows you to easily calculate the amount of product you will need to treat a specific field area, the amount of product you need to apply to a specific tank size, the amount of water you will need to treat a specific area or the amount of product you will need to get the desired volume to volume ratio.

4: AGWired: The first agricultural media app for the iPhone. The app offers one-touch access to all the latest news and information in the agribusiness and agricultural marketing world posted on

5: ArcGIS: ArcGIS is a great way to discover and use maps. You can query the map, search and find interesting information, measure distances and areas of interest and share maps with others.

These are just a few in the growing sea of Agriculture Apps. Farmers now have the ability to look up crucial information on their phone, in the field. To think 10 years ago one couldn’t even get DSL in rural areas, mobile technology has come leaps and bounds from where it was just a few years ago. If you could invent an Ag App, what would it be?

Calling All Farmers: Do You Use a Smartphone?

I use my smartphone to check my work and personal emails, my bank account balance, Facebook, the weather and use it as a GPS. I can even keep a recipe box, a to-do list, check the scores of my favorite sports teams and learn guitar chords – all on one device that also makes phone calls. Its actually hard to find something that you can’t do on your smartphone these days- even for farmers!

More and more farmers, growers, and producers will pickup a smartphone as they trade in their old phones. How would a grower use a smartphone application, or ‘app’ as they are called? Immediate uses include general information tools, like weather, news, or finance. Many of the smartphones ship with these types of applications pre-installed. Other uses include specialized seed and soil calculators, ag news, and subscription ag management tools.

Here are a set of links to specific agriculture applications:

* Agriculture Crowdsourcing: These sample apps use the smartphone and crowdsourcing to bring data from the field into a lab database.
* Agriculture Management Information Apps: These types of applications are mostly mobile extensions of a farm or operation management system.
* Agriculture Calculator Apps: These are a sample of some of smartphone tools to help make in field calculations without having to head back to the home office.
* Agriculture Information Resource Apps: These types of apps are primarily used as a lookup tool, either to help identify species, review a piece of regulation, or get the specifics on an issue.
* Agriculture News Apps: These are a sample of agri-media focused news aggregators.
* Weather Apps: These are a sample of smartphone weather applications.”

Source: Agriculture Answering the Call of Smartphones | This Week In Ag

How many of you use smart phones? What do you use them for? Come vote in our poll to tell us what kind of mobile phone you use.

Picture compliments of Steve Tucker, who blogs at, many times from his smartphone.

Farming App for Smartphones

Been waiting around for a farming app for your smart phone? Well it’s here:

One of the biggest challenges each farmer faces is decisions related to marketing his grain and how those decisions will affect his bottom line. Farmer’s Partner™ Android app for agriculture enables the farmer to calculate profitability based on where the grain markets are currently trading and to see how higher or lower grain markets will change his bottom line and his agribusiness.

“Farmers are known for being early adaptors of new technology,” says Heartland Farm Partners President Jeff Peterson. “But a few months ago when we looked for a smart phone app to help top producers manage their operation from their mobile phone, we were surprised there simply weren’t any apps designed for agriculture. So we decided to build one.”

Farmer’s Partner runs on Android phones and enables a farmer to input dozens of variables to create a complete overview of the farm operation. Commodities pricing and breaking news are also built into the app, giving the producer both historic and up-to-date information to allow him to make the best decisions on grain marketing. Farmer’s Partner is available through the Android marketplace.” Source: Farmer’s Partner First Smartphone App Created Specifically for Today’s Farmer

You can click the image to download this Farmer’s Partner app for the Android from their site. What are some cool gadgets that you use to help you farm efficiently?