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Winning Combo Makes for Dynamic Duo

Co-promotion ad with BASF featuring RoGator

Have you ever noticed how true winners seem to find each other and join forces to make things happen? This has been the case for two truly innovative products in Canada – the RoGator® and BASF’s HEAT® herbicide.

Our top-of-the-line self-propelled sprayer and BASF’s innovative new herbicide are enjoying a co-promotion across the western part of Canada. BASF is featuring the RoGator in all of its print advertising, positioning our machine as the applicator of choice for use when applying HEAT herbicide, which features a unique class of chemistry designed for burndown of targeted weeds and grasses for pre-seed and chemfallow applications.

In the first quarter of 2011, BASF held a contest across western Canada in which growers signed up in record numbers to win a one-year lease on a RoGator 1194 self-propelled sprayer and a case of HEAT herbicide.

The prize winner was chosen in April: Gordie Mueller of Humboldt, Saskatchewan, who manages a 3,500-acre farming operation that grows canola, peas, wheat, oats, barley and lentils. As the winner, Mueller gets to use a 1194 Self-Propelled RoGator  for one year or 200 hours – whichever comes first, in addition to winning enough BASF HEAT herbicide and MERGE® to treat 640 acres. The total value of the prize is more than $54,000.

Upon winning, Mueller said the prize was a “pretty big shock!” He even added that he was intending to switch to a high-clearance sprayer next year, so this win was an absolutely perfect fit for him.

The RoGator is a common sight across the prairies of Canada, providing application of a wide variety of fertilizers and crop-protection products for wheat, canola and other crops common to that country. With large tracts of land to cover – often when racing the clock to make timely applications in a short timeframe – the RoGator is a natural choice for Canadian farmers and professional applicators alike.

Paired together, the RoGator and HEAT herbicide are simply unbeatable. Check out to see what customers are saying about the RoGator and on BASF’s HEAT Herbicide.

Be on the look out for our next co-promotion. In the meantime – what are some of the winning combinations you’ve put together with your AGCO machines?

Extreme Home Makeover: Blog Edition

Did you know that it has been only nine months since we first launched the AGCO Blog? You can see a picture from our first blog post hereSue and Jamy: AGCO Blog (I’m the one on the right, the one one the left is my boss, Sue Otten). We’ve talked about farm products, technology, safety, farm families, events and even Farm Dog Contests and now it is wrapped in a shiny new package for you! We hope that you are enjoying the new layout and design of the AGCO Blog-after all, we built it for you! Here are some reasons that we thought you might like the new layout:

-We have made it easier for you to follow your favorite brand’s news with the inclusion of brand-specific tabs that you can RSS

-The new blog acts as a hub that can link you to global brand websites as well as all of AGCO’s social sites

-New features such as news feeds, social propriety feeds and calendars help keep you in-the-know. The “news-style” layout makes the AGCO Blog kind of like your own personal ag newspaper

We pride ourselves on providing you with up-to-date news on our company, products, people and industry. I encourage you to leave feedback on the blog posts and to tell us what you would like to see us cover in the future.   Send the blog to your friends too and get them involved by clicking on “share” in the upper left corner!

Blog visitor, Marcel, commented “Enjoy the fresh look. I loved this content. Thanks a lot for your great page.”  What do you think of the new layout? What else can we do to improve YOUR blog?