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Valtra Tractor Pulling Team

Valtra and AGCO SISU POWER actively support the Valtra Shell Tractor Pulling Team, made up of three members of the Herlevi family. The history of tractor pulling is quite interesting:

“The rise of tractor pulling dates back to the 40’s when official rules of the sport were developed in the United States, based on the experiences gained from the farmers’ pulling races. The sport came into Europe in the 70’s. Pulling tractors from the United States were brought in 1977 to a World Championship tractor ploughing competition in Holland. This showcase competition gained an audience of over 40,000 people, and the interest towards the sport increased. From Holland, pulling then spread via Denmark to Sweden, where the first pulling race was held in 1982. In Finland the sport was introduced at an Agricultural Fair in 1985.

The FTPA (Finnish Tractor Pulling Association) was established in 1988. The association belongs to the international tractor pulling association ETPC. Currently in Finland there are more than hundred people actively competing, out of which one third compete in the class for modified tractors. Valtra has had a strong influence on the interest towards the sport throughout its short history in Finland. After few years of test driving in Finland, in the beginning of the 90´s, Valtra headed off to the pulling tracks in Europe and started soon to harvest results. During the past decade, Valtra has achieved 12 European championship medals, out of which six are golden.” Source: Tractor Pulling

Learn more about tractor pulling and the Herlevi family here. Have any pictures or videos of tractor pulling events you can share?

EGR vs SCR Technologies

Many tractors at AGCO use e3 or SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) emissions technology. SCR provides a clear path toward meeting tomorrow’s emission standards.

EGR vs SCR (e3 AGCO Emissions Technology)

Check your cost savings on AGCO e3 Cost Calculator.

e3: energy. economy.ecology

South America – It’s a wrap

From the irrigated rice harvest to the manufacturing plants, my final couple of days in Brazil were spent meeting with, and video taping customers, dealers and AGCO manufacturing people in two of our plants in Brazil; the Massey Ferguson plant in Canoas and the Valtra and AGCO SISU POWER plants in Mogi das Cruzes. Check out the videos, we are adding them as fast as we can get them edited.

What do you think the greatest similarities and differences are between farming in your area and farming in Brazil?

Check out the Valtra AGRISHOW blog for more pictures and stories from the event.

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