Valtra’s A Series Enters the HiTech Era

The Valtra A Series has traditionally been the most popular tractor in Scandinavia. Valtra has further improved the forest features that are so important in this region.

The popular A Series from Valtra enters the HiTech era. The new electronic HiTech forward-reverse shuttle that is now available on the A Series is closely related to Valtra’s traditional shuttle feature, which is widely considered the best on the market. The smooth and precise shuttle is a big advantage when performing front-loader tasks. The system also features an integrated handbrake, further enhancing convenience and safety.

Together with the electronic shuttle the A Series gets a dual-speed PTO controlled by a hydraulic multidisc clutch. The PTO is operated by simple switches, and the hydraulics offer smooth engagement. Control switches can also be optionally specified in the rear mudguard.

The new A Series tractors are powered by AGCO Sisu Power 3.3-litre common rail engines. A viscous fan and common rail fuel injection reduce both noise and fuel consumption. With the introduction of electronic engine management, the A Series is now also available with cruise control. Other new electronic features are available for operating the front linkage and transmission. Valtra’s electronic Autocontrol front linkage is extremely precise, and switches for raising and lowering the linkage can be found in both rear mudguards. Valtra’s unique Autotraction feature and automated 4WD system are ideal for tasks that require repeated stopping and starting. The options list also includes electronic Proline dials that provide a wide range of information.

Driver comfort has been taken to a new level. Noise levels in the cab have been further reduced, and the cab itself has been comprehensively updated. The suspended pedals, including electronic clutch and gas pedals, are easy to operate even with heavy boots. Entering the cab is now easier thanks to wider access. The adjustability of the steering wheel and driver’s seat has also been improved. Customers no longer need to specify a forest cab, as the redesigned cab offers a more even floor. For forest tasks the cab can be specified with a gas pedal in the rear and a rear window designed for a loader valve.

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1110hp Gensets On Standby

Several newly-built villages in Angola, Africa are using Massey Ferguson 990 Series generating sets for standby power in the event of utility failure.

Inspecting one of the MF 950-860 gensets prior to despatch to Angola.

Supplied by Massey Ferguson dealer, Impormaquinas, these giant 990-860kVA sound-attenuated models are powered by 12-cylinder, 24-litre engines, packing nearly 1110hp at 1500 rpm.  With noise levels of just 85 dBA at one metre, the gensets are equipped with the latest digital ATS2 Automatic Transfer Switch which automatically switches on the generator when mains power failure is detected.

Powered by AGCO SISU POWER diesel engines, the standard Massey Ferguson Power Series generating set line-up is available in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and covers a huge range with nearly 100 models extending from 9kVA to 700kVA.

Where do you have a need for a generator set?

Valtra Biogas Tractor

AGCO presents a new concept tractor model that runs on biogas. Valtra demonstrated the new engine technology for the first time in Sweden on 21 June.
The development of the biogas tractor and generator demonstrates the desire of AGCO to create solutions that allow renewable natural resources to be utilized efficiently,” says Martin Richenhagen, AGCO Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer.

AGCO’s Valtra brand and AGCO SISU POWER, AGCO’s innovative engine division, have developed the biogas tractor and are currently testing it in Sweden. Without making any changes to the original diesel engine, 70 to 80 percent of power is generated by biogas. The dual-fuel engine functions like a diesel engine. The gas is injected with the intake air, and combustion occurs when a small amount of diesel fuel is injected into the cylinder. If biogas is not available, the engine can run completely on diesel fuel.

The Valtra N101 tractor has 110 horsepower, is equipped with a front loader, front linkage and front PTO. It is intended as an all-purpose tractor for farms, municipalities and contractors that have the possibility of refueling with biogas while working. The biogas cylinders are situated in a safe location on the right side of the chassis, and the entire installation has been designed in accordance with EC vehicle regulations. The capacity of the biogas cylinders on the first test model is 170 litres, which under 200 bar pressure corresponds to approximately 30 litres of diesel fuel. In typical use, this is sufficient for three to four hours of work. View the biogas tractor brochure.

“State-of-the-art technology has been employed in Valtra’s biogas tractor. Both the diesel and gas injection systems have their own electronically controlled common rail, which allows the ratio between the diesel and biogas to be optimized,” explains Jari Rautjärvi, Managing Director of Valtra. ” Source: AGCO is committed to supplying progressive farmers with high-tech solutions and to develop environmentally friendly technologies.

What are some of the ways you use renewable natural resources on your farm?

The New RoGator 600 Sprayer

For RoGator fans in Europe and the Middle East, check out the new RoGator 600 Sprayer for state of the art, self-propelled spraying.

“What chiefly sets it apart, says the Challenger marketing team, is the single-beam chassis which allows operators to alter the machine’s height and adjust track width hydraulically.

Challenger has a lot of experience in the sprayer market. More than 600 RoGators are sold in the USA every year and the unusual-looking SprayCoupe has been in production for more than 45 years. The current Rogator 418 and 618 are available with Chafer spraypacks in the UK and have been fitted with Knight kit in the past.

The RoGator 600, however, involved a clean-sheet approach to self-propelled sprayer design, says AGCO design engineer Joris Hiddema.

Powered by an AGCO SISU POWER engine, it shares the same cab as the Challenger MT Series tractors, as well as a 40kph hydrostatic transmission designed to operate in a similar fashion to the CVTs used in AGCO’s Vario-equipped tractors. The new RoGator adopts the same single-beam chassis for each of its three models.

“We didn’t want a heavy machine, but we did want to distribute the weight evenly,” says Mr Hiddema. “It was also important to keep width to a minimum of 2.55m for transport.

“The tank and driveline components are all positioned between the front and rear axle, meaning the centre of gravity is always in the middle of the machine regardless of what tank size is fitted.” ” Source: VIDEO: Challenger’s RoGator sprayer – 27/05/2010 – Farmers Weekly

Take a look at the UK’s new RoGator 600 Sprayer:

Valtra Tractor Pulling Team

Valtra and AGCO SISU POWER actively support the Valtra Shell Tractor Pulling Team, made up of three members of the Herlevi family. The history of tractor pulling is quite interesting:

“The rise of tractor pulling dates back to the 40’s when official rules of the sport were developed in the United States, based on the experiences gained from the farmers’ pulling races. The sport came into Europe in the 70’s. Pulling tractors from the United States were brought in 1977 to a World Championship tractor ploughing competition in Holland. This showcase competition gained an audience of over 40,000 people, and the interest towards the sport increased. From Holland, pulling then spread via Denmark to Sweden, where the first pulling race was held in 1982. In Finland the sport was introduced at an Agricultural Fair in 1985.

The FTPA (Finnish Tractor Pulling Association) was established in 1988. The association belongs to the international tractor pulling association ETPC. Currently in Finland there are more than hundred people actively competing, out of which one third compete in the class for modified tractors. Valtra has had a strong influence on the interest towards the sport throughout its short history in Finland. After few years of test driving in Finland, in the beginning of the 90´s, Valtra headed off to the pulling tracks in Europe and started soon to harvest results. During the past decade, Valtra has achieved 12 European championship medals, out of which six are golden.” Source: Tractor Pulling

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