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The New White Planters 9000 Series

With the exclusive edge-drop technology and simple, positive air-metering system, White Planters’ row-crop planters have long been the industry leader in seed placement accuracy. Because they also have fewer parts than competitive machines, they’re known for their easy maintenance, as well as machine longevity.

Available with a full range of options and attachments, the new planters may be configured to fit any production system.

Available with a full range of options and attachments, the new planters may be configured to fit any production system.

The new 9000 Series from White Planters® builds upon that reputation with several new innovations. For example, row unit adjustments are now more convenient and the new cast row unit consists of only three components, reducing part count by 70% as compared to previous models, and providing greater strength and durability. Available with a full range of options and attachments, the new planters may be configured to fit any production system, from conventional to no-till, and to plant crops ranging from corn, soybeans and sunflowers to sorghum, sugar beets and peanuts.

“We’ve been building durable, long-lasting planters for nearly 40 years, and we’ve learned what it takes to deliver seed placement accuracy in a wide range of conditions,” says Gary Hamilton, product marketing specialist with White Planters. “The extensive redesign of the 9000 Series puts it all together in one package and makes this the most significant introduction for White Planters in a dozen years.”

The series also includes an all-new 12-row, narrow-transport, three-section Model 9812-30, which offers 30-inch row spacing and the efficiency of a central fill system (CFS). As with other planters in the series, though, the 9812 can be equipped with either 2- or 3-bushel, individual row-mounted seed hoppers and is available with ground-drive or variable-rate, hydraulic-drive seeding-rate control.

“I’ve always liked White Planters,” says Alan Demmel, who purchased a limited production model of 9812 planters for his farm near Madison, Neb. “The new 9812-30 just seemed to have everything I had been wanting in a planter, especially the narrower transport width. It’s also a heavy planter with a lot of flexibility, which works really well for my no-till program.

“White Planters has always been known for being heavy enough and tough enough to ‘plant in concrete’ if you had to, so I guess that’s one of the things I like about them. I’m still going through the learning curve, but once I learn to use the precision of the new seed meters, I think it’s going to be a good planter.”

The 9812-30 joins two other three-section, narrow-transport models—the 9816-30, 16-row and 9824-30, 24-row 30-inch planters. The frames on all three models flex 21 degrees up or down at each wing for consistent planting depth across irregular terrain.

For full details about each of the models in the 9000 Series, visit white-planters.com or see your local White Planters dealer.


New MF Precision Planter Hits the Field in Australia

MF-Precision-PlanterNew to the Australian Market, the MF Precision Planter is generating interest amongst farmers and agronomists in Australia’s row cropping regions.

The Planter’s Positive Air Metering system (PAM™) handles seed gently and accurately with low, positive air pressure, resulting in controlled populations and higher yields for farmers.

Unlike vacuum seeding systems, which typically draw air from around metering units, The PAM™ system draws air from above of the planter’s row units. This reduces the amount of dust drawn into the metering system and the amount of wear and tear on parts – making the MF Precision Planter virtually maintenance free.

Demonstrations of the MF Precision Planter have been taking place at Griffith, a productive row cropping region in southern NSW and are set to move to northern NSW and southern QLD in the coming weeks.

Local farmers and agronomists are able to see first hand the exceptional performance of the planter in a variety of crops including cotton and corn and hear from the MF Seeding and Tillage Product Manager about the machine’s application in sorghum, sunflower, soybean and canola planting.

Australian MF Dealers in row cropping regions will also be undertaking comprehensive planter training, equipping them with the information and skills to support customers with knowledge that will improve the productivity of their farms.

The MF Precision Planter demos have also featured the MF7600 Row Crop Series tractor – impressing farmers with low fuel use and flexibility in various applications, it has proved the ideal row crop machine.

For more information take a look at the MF Planter and MF7600 this in-field video or this product walkaround video, or visit www.masseyferguson.com

Get Ready for Cultivations With Datatronic!

If you own a Massey Ferguson 6400, 7400 or 8600 series tractor with the onboard Datatronic console, you have at your fingertips a powerful tool for use in  cultivations, planting and seeding!

In addition to the more obvious benefits of Datatronic like being able to read fuel consumption and work rates, you also have the possibility to set up, automate and manage many of the functions of the tractor. This could include flow rates and timings for spool valves, management of headland operations and auto control of wheel slip… all designed to optimise your performance and work rate in the field.

I would also like to draw your attention to two further options within Datatronic… Dual Control and Trailed Implement Control. Recognising that many bigger implements are not purely controlled by rear 3 point linkage, these two systems allow front and rear semi-mounted machines and rear drawbar pulled machines to fully utilise the tractor’s sophisticated control systems just as if they were fully mounted on the 3 point linkage.

Autumn cultivations... perfect time for MF's Datatronic

Bear in mind too, that you may also have opted for additional systems like ISOBUS, Video or Autoguide on your console and these too will help you get cultivations completed in a very smart productive way.

And the “icing on the cake”… if you also have datalogging or telemetry, you can relax back in the farm and analyse exactly what your tractor has been doing in the field and look for ways of  improving the performance even further!

Like most things, all of these functions will take a minute or two to set up and understand but the reward will be well worth it and you will be amazed at the results!

If you are in Europe and setting off on a few hard weeks of cultivations with your Massey Ferguson tractor fitted with Datatronic, take a bit of time to read up on its full capability and don’t hesitate to ask your Dealer for further advice on how to get the best from it… it is designed for you !

And finally, enjoy it… our tractors are straightforward and dependable and designed for a hard day’s work! What work do you do with your Massey Ferguson?

Just Launched: Sunflower 9610 Conventional Drill

The Sunflower® 9610 conventional drill delivers precise seed placement for grasses, legumes and small grains in conventional tillage systems. The 9610 offers 15- and 20-foot wide working widths, one of the industry’s largest-capacity seed hoppers, easily adjustable down pressure and a maintenance-free meter-drive system to help producers accurately and efficiently seed more acres in a day.

The Sunflower 9610 conventional drill is built on a heavy-duty frame and offers varied row-spacing options to meet producer needs. Two down-pressure zones ensure consistent seed placement in different soil conditions, such as behind tractor tires.

• Largest capacity seed hoppers in the industry

• Available in 15- and 20-foot wide working widths

• Row-spacing options of 6 inches, 7 1/2 inches or 10 inches

• Easily adjustable seeding depth in ¼-increments from minus 1 inch to plus 3 inches

• Single-arm-mount conventional openers placed at an 8-inch stagger for increased residue flow

• Choice of four press wheels for varied soil conditions

• Heavy-duty frame withstands the rotational forces created by the openers

Just Launched: Sunflower 9800 Series Single-Disc Air Drill

The all-new Sunflower® 9800 Series Single-Disc Air Drill is built to ensure North American producers are able to cover more acres per day quickly and efficiently, across the entire range of soil conditions, from no-till with heavy residue to soft fluffy conventional till. Even though the Sunflower 9800 Series boasts some of the most innovative features in the industry, they’re some of the simplest drills to understand and easiest to operate.

Designed with fewer moving parts to minimize maintenance down time, and engineered for easy operation with simplified seed-depth control, these innovative air seeders are available in 30-, 40-, and 50-foot widths, to fit well into any size farming operation.

• Single-disc opener establishes consistent, unobstructed seedbed

• Gauge wheel significantly reduces sidewall compaction or “smearing”

• Down pressure adjustments made on-the-go from inside the cab

• Seeding depth easily adjustable between 0 and 3 inches

• Two 25-hour grease zerks on each transport tandem for simple maintenance

• Designed for use with Sunflower 9900 Series Air Carts, which offer three models from 280-bushel up to 525-bushel capacity