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Neat and nimble compact tractors from Massey Ferguson

Massey Ferguson is strengthening its position in the Compact tractor sector with the launch of two new models at the EIMA Show, Bologna. The 46hp, MF 1747 and 38hp, MF 1740 are available with either a hydrostatic transmission with cab, or in platform versions with a manual transmission.


MF 1747 HC and 1740 HC models offer a fully hydrostatic transmission and are fitted with a full safety cab as standard. The three-range transmission is controlled electrically and operated by a floor pedal, along with a left-hand shuttle lever, providing fingertip direction changes. A cruise control button allows operators to set the forward speed, which is then maintained automatically.

The MF 1747 A and 1740 A models have a mechanical gearbox and come equipped with a ROPS platform as standard. The gearbox provides 12 forward and 12 reverse speeds, with Synchro reverse shuttle lever.

These versatile tractors meet the exacting demands of agricultural, amenity and horticultural users, offering the power and transmission choice to excel in a wide range of work with the hydraulic flow and control to handle modern implements with ease.

EIMA Show sees full public debut for new Global Series tractors

Italy’s EIMA Show will see the first fully-public showing of Massey Ferguson’s groundbreaking MF Global Series tractors.

mf4709_dieppe_fr_0314_5800_81183 (1)

Backed by an investment of over $350 million and developed from a clean-sheet design, the  Global Series is a brand-new product line of 60-130hp tractors for worldwide markets.

Initially, two non-cab models  – the 82hp MF 4708 and 95hp MF 4709 – are being made available. The MF 4708 is designed for Africa and Middle East markets while the Euro-compliant MF 4709 has been launched for Europe. Cab models are also at an advanced stage of development and set for introduction within the next two years.

“Global in outlook but local in approach, these new workhorse tractors are creating much excitement amongst the farming community,” says Thierry Lhotte, Massey Ferguson Vice President Marketing Europe/Africa/Middle East.

“Featuring a modular design which can be adapted to suit the widest range of farm needs worldwide, they deliver exactly the right level of mechanisation and features for customers – from small livestock and mixed farming enterprises to specialist growers and large fleet operators. These breakthrough new models truly reflect Massey Ferguson’s global status and its vision for a new range of tractors for a new generation of farmers.”

Antarctic Environment Will Test Limits of Tractor and Crew

The 2014 Antarctica2 expedition to drive a tractor to the South Pole will have to deal with one of the most hostile environments on the planet, battling against temperatures down to minus 40 degrees C, strong winds, high altitude, raging blizzards and soft snow. Sastrugi (frozen waves) are another potential hazard.


Formed by wind erosion they are sharp-edged, wave-like ridges of hard-packed snow – often unstable and difficult to cross.

It is going to be a tough ride for the Massey Ferguson MF 5610 tractor and the multi-national team set to make the 5000 km return trip from Antarctica’s Novo Base to the Geographical South Pole. Both have undergone thorough preparation to tackle the challenges ahead. A key aspect of life on the ice is its unpredictability – the environment is no respecter of rigid plans or schedules. Hence, all timings relating to the journey have to be extremely fluid and subject to revision in accordance with weather conditions.

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MF 8737 wins Tractor of the Year finalist Award

Massey Ferguson is honoured to receive a Tractor of the Year 2015 finalist Award at the EIMA Show in Bologna, for its powerful MF 8737.


“Massey Ferguson is always proud when our tractors are nominated by members of the jury, which is made up of experts from leading magazines across Europe,” says Campbell Scott, Director Sales Engineering & Brand Development.

“We are, however, not surprised that the MF 8737 was nominated for Tractor of the Year, because its predecessor the MF 8690, took the title in 2009. This was the first agricultural tractor to employ efficient, maintenance-free selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology to control exhaust emissions.

“The MF 8737 builds on these very strong foundations, combining well-proven quality with new features to provide even better performance and productivity with outstanding fuel economy.”

The MF 8700 Series tractors are available in two levels of specification – Efficient or  Exclusive – to suit users’ businesses, budget and workload.

Protect the Water

No matter your annual precipitation or what you’re raising, protecting water sources on your land is critical. However, when your yearly rainfall averages only 9 to 11 inches, as it does for rancher Dan Forsea, the task is all the more crucial.

Forsea with his Massey Ferguson tractor.

Forsea with his Massey Ferguson tractor.

The Richland, Ore., cattleman raises 650 Angus-Hereford cows at his Eagle Valley headquarters in the winter and on the 15,000 to 20,000 acres of Bureau of Land Management range they graze in the summer. Forsea and his cattle depend on every bit of that precipitation, as well as area creeks and rivers.

As a result, Forsea does all he can to keep the springs, streambeds and riparian areas—the land bordering the creeks and rivers—in top-notch shape. For starters, he depends on fences. “We try to fence off most of the creeks in the valley. If we do graze, we only keep the cattle in there for a short time. The fences keep the cattle where I want them, it makes them easier to manage, and it keeps the streambanks in [good] condition.”

He’s also undertaken other methods, such as placing salt licks on ridges to draw the cattle away from streambeds. When his streambanks do erode, he employs various methods, such as using cables to tie back saplings that then help stabilize the bank.

The creek through his feedlot was probably the most in need of help. “The cattle made a mess. I was going to do the work on my own but the Natural Resources Conservation Service [NRCS] helped me with cost-share money. We fenced it out and put in four troughs. Now we have a good buffer. Even the feedlot is grassy. I could hay it if it wasn’t so rocky.”

For more on how Forsea protects the water and depends on Massey Ferguson equipment to help get the work done, see http://www.myfarmlife.com/farmstead/protect-the-water/.


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