Autonomous Farming from AGCO & TOPCON

AGCO and TOPCON are partnering to develop precision farming solutions to enable growers to  reduce input costs, increase yields, and work faster and more efficiently.

In the future, autonomous machinery will allow professional farmers to reduce labor costs, increase the speed of their seasonal operations and manage their assets more effectively. Take a look at the video below:

See more videos on our YouTube playlist that highlight some of the AGCO activities at AG CONNECT Expo 2011 that is ending today in Atlanta.

What do you think are the advantages of Autonomous Farming? When do you think we will actually be able to commercially implement it?

AG CONNECT Expo 2011 Comes to AGCO’s Hometown of Atlanta

AGCO Chairman, President and CEO, Martin Richenhagen is also the show chairman of AEM’s AG CONNECT Expo 2011. Here are a few words from Mr. Richenhagen:

The inaugural AG CONNECT Expo in Orlando, Florida in January 2010 was indeed the global North American trade show we anticipated. A strong foundation has been built for the future and we expect AG CONNECT Expo 2011 in AGCO’s hometown of Atlanta at the World Congress Center, January 8‐10 (Preview Day January 7) will be even bigger and better.

“Thank you” to the high quality producers at this year’s show who made it such a success. Producers at AG CONNECT operate an average 2,900 acres and the vast majority possesses significant purchasing power. Producers and exhibitors who participated in this new agricultural exhibition, a show directed “by the industry and for the industry,” had the experience of quality, quality, quality.

AG CONNECT Expo provides the forum in North America where cutting‐edge international expertise provides focused solutions for the unique local needs of farmers around the world:
• Registrants from 62 countries
• The show featured pavilions from Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China and Europe
• More than 40 supporting organizations from around the world participated

At AG CONNECT Expo, agriculture stakeholders have one of the best opportunities to interact with each other and build their businesses during the coming years. We know that global food production will need to double in the next 40 years– a daunting challenge that can only be met with innovative technology and forward‐looking, science‐based agriculture.

AG CONNECT Expo is a showcase for prototypes, innovations and the best in efficiency‐creating technology. Producers say they want innovations, technological solutions, advances in machinery, education from the experts and the best in networking, facilitating high level discussions on all issues including legislation that is greatly influencing our industry. That’s what this trade show offers them. Source: AG CONNECT Expo 2011

Not only will AGCO be there showcasing new products and technologies, we will also be helping out with AgChat Foundation’s hands-on social media training. (Click here to register for the training.) We hope to see you out there!

Are you coming to AG CONNECT Expo 2011?

PrecisionAg Institute

AGCO’s Advanced Technology Solutions group provides specific solutions for satellite-based steering, data collection, yield-mapping and other capabilities as well as more comprehensive solutions for precision farming.

AGCO has shared our passion for precision farming and is a founding partner of the PrecisionAg Institute, an independent forum devoted to the sharing of precision agriculture practices, ideas, research, products, services and success stories. The Institute’s mission is to foster technology transfer, wider adoption and increasingly effective use of precision agriculture technology worldwide.

Through advocacy, education and research, the Institute intends to advance precision technology and its efficiency, stewardship and profitability on farms around the world through a variety of integrated media offerings:

* Grower research
* PrecisionAg eNews
* PrecisionAg Award of Excellence
* PrecisionAg Live Forums and Events
* Educational promotion
Source: PrecisionAg Works

How are you using precision farming on your operation?

AGCOMMAND Advanced Telemetry System

AGCO is proud to introduce the AGCOMMAND™ vehicle-tracking system, a state-of-the-art telematics-based data-recording tool that monitors machine location, operation and efficiency on-the-go to help manage machine uptime, control costs and maximize operational efficiency.

“Telemetry-based tracking is an emerging trend within agriculture that has the potential to help managers optimize the performance of their equipment and cover more ground more efficiently. We expect sprayer and fertilizer managers to quickly adopt the technology because of its potential to make the tendering process more efficient and minimize downtime as well as to reduce spraying errors through use of the geo-fencing capability,” explains Dave Swain, technology marketing specialist with Advanced Technology Solutions at AGCO. “Because the technology also records equipment function and performance, it can be used to identify performance issues for possible adjustment or repair, and it makes maintenance easier to track and plan, helping enhance machine life.” Source: AGCO Press Release

Watch a guided tour: