WR Series Windrower Test Drive

Recently I had a chance to demonstrate our new Hesston by Massey Ferguson WR Series windrower to hay & forage growers in the San Joaquin Valley in California. The responses from the demonstrations was so overwhelmingly positive that I had to capture it on video. The one thing I heard loud and clear from everyone was that our new WR Series didn’t just meet their expectations, it exceeded them in many ways.

One thing that I found very interesting about the San Joaquin Valley is that they still use mostly sickle headers to mow hay, instead of rotary disc heads. When I asked why, they said it was because they didn’t believe a rotary disc head could do as good of a job as a sickle head. But when we mowed their fields with our new 9196 TwinMax™ advanced conditioning disc head featuring our RazorBar™ low-profile cutterbar next to their sickle headers, they couldn’t believe the cut quality. To quote one grower “This machine is doing a beautiful job in alfalfa, I don’t think you could ask for a better job”.

But don’t just take my word for it, check out this video of WR Series test drive interviews.


Designed By the Sharpest Minds In the Hay Business: Farmers.

What is it that you would like to see in your next windrower? That is the question we asked commercial hay producers across the country in the developmental process of our new Hesston WR Series Windrowers. We found out that operators didn’t just want a better windrower, they wanted a revolutionary new machine that would change the industry. Check out this video to find out what producers really wanted in a new windrower and catch a glimpse of our WR Series windrower in action.

Just Launched: Hesston by Massey Ferguson DM1300 Series Butterfly Mower System

DM1300 Series Butterfly Mower SystemThe all-new Hesston® by Massey Ferguson® DM1300 Series Butterfly Mower System provides professional producers in North America with the reliable, smooth-cutting disc mower configuration suited to their needs. A single DM1340 model front-mount mower and two DM1398 model rear-mount mowers may be combined to provide cutting widths up to 30-feet. The mowers gently cut and condition forage for quick drying and optimum quality of the final product.

All three mowers feature a low-profile, light-weight compact modular angle cutterbar. The DM1300 Series mowers offer a spring-tine rotor and four-way adjustable conditioning comb that create a loose, well-aerated swath allowing crop moisture to be quickly discharged into the atmosphere.

  • Cutting height can be adjusted between 1.5- and 2.8 inches with simple-to-reach hand crank
  • DM1340 offers 17-inch headland lift and 26-inches of total up and down tilt; hydraulic side-shift capable of moving 8-inches side-to-side
  • DM1398 uses SafetySwing protection system helps prevent damage caused by objects encountered in the field
  • Turbo Lift System (TLS) helps improve cutting quality
  • Mowers can be parked in upright transport position to conserve storage space

Just Launched: Hesston by Massey Ferguson 2170XD “Extra Density” Large Square Baler

MF 2170XD Large Square BalerThe all-new Hesston® by Massey Ferguson® 2170XD Large Square Baler allows commercial hay producers and large producers in North America to create large, “extra density” square bales that are more efficient to stack, load, transport and store. This baler has been re-engineered to accommodate the added weight that comes with denser bales, and is built tougher with heavy-duty tension cylinders and plunger arms, a heavier flywheel, and higher-capacity gearbox and driveline to provide the reliable performance producers have come to expect from Hesston.

This baler creates 3- by-4-foot bales, up to 9 feet in length, with bale weights 15 percent greater than the standard MF2170 baler and 30 percent greater than standard MF2170 balers sold before model year 2010.

  • Redesigned flywheel is 91 percent heavier to help create a heavier bale while operating smoothly at normal load in most conditions
  • Newly designed gearbox comprised of larger, stronger components
  • Uses new Category 7 primary and secondary drivelines with heat-treated yokes
  • Reinforced frame structure

Revolutionizing the North American Hay Industry with AGCO Giant Spools

Giant Spool versus a regular spoolAGCO Parts will be introducing an innovative baler twine product called Giant Spools to North America this fall. Part of the new series of AGCO Advanced Baler Twines, Giant Spools increases the amount of running time by as much as 38 percent compared with standard spool sizes, helping hay producers reduce the amount of time spent loading baler twine.

Designed to fit only the industry-leading, new generation of Massey Ferguson® and Challenger® large square balers, the AGCO Advanced Giant Spools of baler twine provide a competitive advantage over other large square baler systems. The new spools will be available to North America in three sizes:
• 6000/350 – 6,000 feet long with 350-pound tensile strength
• 5500/400 – 5,500 feet long with 400-pound tensile strength
• 5000/450 – 5,000 feet long with 450-pound tensile strength

The Giant Spools also feature Ultra Grip technology, a combination of AGCO Parts’ strongest twine and a polypropylene mixture. The technology reduces slippage and forms a firm, powerful knot with 80 percent more grip at the knot than regular twine. This enables hay producers to create bales that are 15-20 percent more dense than typical bales. In addition, the Giant Spools are protected from light degradation with the same proven UV stabilization as other baler twines from AGCO Parts.

The Giant Spools are currently being tested in U.S. markets, following a successful trial and product launch in the United Kingdom last year. Hay producer Dean Bartram of Ely  Cambridgeshire in the United Kingdom said, “I like the Giant Spools because we are able to fill up [the baler] in the morning and don’t have to stop and refill for the rest of the day. We don’t lose time, time that could best be spent on baling.”

Giant Spools will be available for next year’s hay harvest. North American hay producers should contact their AGCO dealer for pre-booking information later this year. The introduction of high-quality, high-value Giant Spools further bolsters AGCO’s position as the market leader in large square baler equipment.

AGCO Parts would like to hear from North American hay producers about their experience using AGCO Advanced Baler Twines and the prospects of having a new product that can increase baling efficiency and productivity. Go to or share your comments below.