Marc Ziesmann

Occupation: Intern

Location: Duluth, GA, United States

Currently I am working for AGCO as a marketing intern. I study Agricultural Economics at North Dakota State University and plan on minoring in Animal Science and possibly Agronomy. Even though my parents do not farm, I basically grew up on a farm. Since I was about eight years old I have been working for several farmers around my area.  Some of the tractors used on the farms where I worked were Fendt.

Taking over a farm was never an option, yet I always knew I wanted to work in a job related to the tractors I grew up on.  The internship program at AGCO gives me the opportunity to work for a company that builds not only the Fendt tractors I grew up with  but also connects me to old memories.  I feel I can make a difference by contributing to the success of the AGCO team.

When I am not working, I enjoy fishing, hunting, horse back riding and basically everything farm-related. Sometimes in College when I have to study for a big quiz or test, even fixing the fence does not seem too bad anymore.

Jo Herian: DISCussions

“Toto, I’m not in Kansas anymore”.Jo Herian

It is amazing how this blog can take me from Kansas to the world — and bring the world to Kansas.  Glad you could stop by for a visit!  Contrary to popular belief, Kansas is not flat {a motorcycle out of gas will confirm that fact}; we like barbeque; and working hard/ playing hard is a way of life.

Wheat harvest is June when it’s hot and windy.  Beans and milo are cut in the fall around frosts, rains and snows.

And in the middle of it all is AGCO located in Beloit, Kansas with a satellite plant in Cawker City, Kansas.

AGCO Beloit’s website tells the plant’s history and details the Sunflower branded product lines.  This transplanted city girl has the privilege of visiting with you about the happenings at AGCO Beloit and the area farm community.

My name is Jo Herian and have worked at the Beloit plant over 20 years.  Please join me and let’s put some gravel in our travels.

Pamela Engels

Hi, my name is Pamela Engels and I am the Digital Media Manager at Valtra. I started working with the brand eight years ago when I moved to beautiful Central Finland from my home-country, Germany. Being from the city I have to admit that there’s loads to learn about farming and farm machinery every day. It has been a challenge and I am excited to share some fascinating stories about Valtra and our customers here on this blog. As for hands-on experience with farm machinery – I try to get some whenever the opportunity arises. Luckily Valtra tractors are reliable, indestructible and easy-to-use, perfect even for a city kid on the loose!

What are your experiences with Valtra tractors?

Kimberly Gerke

Kim Gerke

Copyright 2011, Edward Fox Photography

Hello! I am a Marketing Communications Specialist for AGCO Parts, based in Batavia, IL. I joined AGCO in 2010 and am responsible for AGCO Parts Ag-events planning, media and editorial planning, digital communications and web editing. Before AGCO, I worked in other corporate settings in a variety of creative design, customer service and marketing roles. I am a native Chicagoan and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Kent State University in Kent, OH.

At AGCO Parts, I am a part of a team that provides parts solutions for our customers to increase uptime in the field. I plan on updating you on all the great things we’re doing to provide you the right parts at the right time, how to get the best value from your equipment, and the solutions we are creating to enhance your experience with us. Be sure to visit our website for more information.

Tammi Wecksler

As the Relationship Marketing Manager within the North American Marketing team at AGCO’s World Headquarters in Duluth, GA, USA, I focus on understanding and improving the engagement that current and potential customers have through their various interactions with our brand. Through the variety of direct marketing activities that we conduct, my focus is on ensuring that customers receive communications relevant to their needs, and designing ways to ensure web visitors have a positive experience when using online shopping tools such as our “Build Your Own” sites, or, built for the needs of those who are first-time, smaller horsepower tractor owners.

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