Maren Lammerding

Hi, my name is Maren Lammerding and I’m from Germany. I have been an intern for AGCO Australia in Marketing since September 2011. I’m currently in my fifth semester of a combined Bachelor of International Business Law and Business Management at the University of Applied Sciences Gelsenkirchen. Since I grew up in a small rural town I have noticed how important agriculture is to our economy and how it’s getting more and more important in the future. In addition to the fact that I need to do an internship during my study program, I chose AGCO Australia as being a perfect place to do the internship. Here I have got the chance to put into practice the knowledge I have acquired over the course of my degree and to gain new practical experiences by working abroad. Since I would like to work on an international basis in the long run I am really thankful and appreciate that AGCO Australia gives me the opportunity to do this internship.

Silvia Smarrelli

Hi, my name is Silvia Smarrelli and I am the Marketing Communications Officer for AGCO Australia. I’m part of the large marketing team here in Australia that is responsible for promoting the AGCO brands across Australia and New Zealand.

I completed my Bachelor of Communication (Public Relations) at RMIT University in 2008 and have been with AGCO for one year.

I have enjoyed the “learning curve” of understanding how AGCO works, as well as its many products. Working on a array of different communication mediums during my time here – including brochures, press advertising and online – has definitely increased my knowledge of the agricultural industry and I look forward to learning much more!

May Norris

Hi, my name is May Norris and I work within the Digital Media Marketing team at AGCO, based in the UK. I joined AGCO just over a month ago after receiving the fantastic news that I had been accepted as an apprentice!

I was born in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire and lived there for 9 years. Then in 2004 we relocated to Cheshire, as my Step-Dad who also works for AGCO changed offices. I am now living in Coventry after moving here in 2006.

While at school I studied hard and achieved many high GCSE results. I then went onto Sixth-form where I studied photography, art and product design. All the courses I completed all had a creative side, which is why I wanted to join the digital media team.

Since joining AGCO I have been involved with many tasks that the digital media team have to oversee each day, this includes, adding news articles onto the Massey Ferguson website and updating contents, adding images and press releases onto Asset Bank and keeping everything organised and running efficiently, and visiting shows and dealers to learn more about the agricultural background.

It’s very exciting for me, as I’m the first apprentice to be part of the digital media team here at AGCO, UK. Each day I arrive at AGCO, I am presented with new challenges which helps me build up knowledge and understanding about how the company works as a team and with others.

I hope, over the next few years while I’m still training, I am a great help and asset to the digital media team here at AGCO.

Caroline Coarsey

Hi, my name is Caroline Coarsey, intern for Massey Ferguson high horsepower tractors. I graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in Agricultural Communication and have been with AGCO since June 2011. Growing up in south Georgia in a farming family, I have had the opportunity to see how important agriculture is to our economy. My dad farms row crops and his passion for farming and growing something healthy is a passion that has been passed down to me. We eat every day and that food comes from our farmers in local communities where every day there is something new to fix or another crop that needs more irrigation. It is because of farmers like my dad that I love working in this industry and I’m grateful that AGCO gives me this opportunity.

Kaitlyn Nelson

I am joining AGCO to report on the North American wheat harvest. In the fall, I’ll begin my junior year at Oklahoma State University, where I am majoring in agricultural communications and minoring in agronomy.

Raised in a custom harvesting family, I’ve spent many hours in the cabs of our Gleaner combines as we traveled across the Midwest. My harvest experiences have cultivated a passion for the men and women who harvest the grain that feeds the world and for the products that make it all possible.

Wheat harvest is in my blood, but I am a little bit different than the average harvester. I want to share our stories with you. I will be giving you the ins and outs of the wheat harvest run and how AGCO products make harvesters’ lives easier and more profitable. Stay tuned!

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