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Reward Your Custom Applicator with a Chance for a 2011 Harley-Davidson® Motorcycle from AGCO

North America’s custom applicators put in longer hours than the sun as they ensure pinpoint delivery of nutrients and protectants to crops on millions of acres of farm fields across thousands of farms.

Through its ongoing Operator of the Year program, AGCO is making sure the best of the best custom applicators get the recognition they deserve for helping North America’s farmers provide the food, fuel and fiber this world needs. Candidates for AGCO Operator the Year exemplify the honor, service and commitment that people have long associated with agriculture and those who live and love this industry. Candidates for AGCO Operator of the Year consistently showcase outstanding customer service, routinely perform the highest quality work and deliver unmatched dedication to your fields. Who do you know that fits this description?

Contact your agri-retailer before Oct. 15 and explain why the custom applicator who services your fields deserves the title Operator of the Year and they can submit a nomination on your behalf. Keep in mind that while the online submission form is easy the more detail provided the better chance your applicator has of winning.

From the nominations, four finalists will be invited to join AGCO as honorary guests at the 2011 Agricultural Retailers Association (ARA) Conference and Expo Nov. 29–Dec. 1, in Boca Raton, Fla. During the conference, the winner of Operator of the Year will be awarded a 2011 Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

We can’t reward these tireless workers without your help. It’s more important than ever to encourage your agri-retailer to submit those applications early.

We strive to make the machines in the AGCO Application Equipment Division the finest in the industry — engineered from the ground up for precision, dependability and reliability. But no matter how good the equipment, there is something to be said for the makeup of the person behind the wheel. We’d like to hear what you have to say.

Help the best in the business reward the best in the business. Hurry; the deadline to nominate is Oct. 15.

Fast Forward-What Did You Think About the Launch?

From the powerful Massey Ferguson HD Loader to the luxurious Fendt 800 Series, the 2011 Fast Forward AGCO North America Launch had much to reveal to dealers this year. We hit the red carpet to get reactions. Here is what we heard…

Are you excited to see these products first-hand at the fall farm shows? Which ones will you be attending?

Just Launched: RoGator High-Clearance Applicators

No other professional-grade applicator in its class provides the quality, productivity, value and operating experience that you’ll find in the new 2012 RoGator for North America. At the core of the RoGator RG900, RG1100 and RG1300 models is a proven drivetrain system and a highly-efficient Tier 4 interim compliant AGCO POWER 8.4-liter diesel engine designed with e3 SCR technology for a boost in horsepower. Operators will appreciate having ground-level access to nearly all of the machine’s service points. A new longitudinal A suspension improves headland turning and reduces the amount of motion that is transmitted to the cab. A larger display; real-time reports on engine, transmission and fuel performance; and rear-wheel track monitoring and adjustments are just a few important features found on the enhanced AGCO RoGator Management Center. An improved hood design, mirrors, lighting and backup alarm and cab noise reduction improve operators’ overall control and comfort.

• Powerful and efficient Tier 4 interim-compliant AGCO POWER 8.4-liter diesel engine with e3 SCR technology

• Proven fuel efficient engine compared with EGR engines

• Increased horsepower

• Ground-level access to most service points

• Longitudinal A suspension improves turning, stability and riding experience

• New RoGator Management Center (RMC) features better display, engine data and rear-wheel track monitoring and adjustments

• Sleek hood, mirrors, lighting and backup alarms improve visibility and operator control

• Stainless steel boom plumbing end caps improves accuracy, cleanout and on/off times

• More convenient layout of operator armrest controls

• Proven drivetrain system improves performance and reliability

• Enhanced operator environment with reduced sound levels, optional leather seats and new easy-to-clean floor mat

• AGCOMMAND™ Advanced telemetry package for vehicle logistic and maintenance

Just Launched: TerraGator High-Floatation Applicators

TerraGator 7300

TerraGator 7300

New for the North American market in 2012, the three-wheel chassis TerraGator TG7300 and TG8300, and four-wheel chassis TG8400 models all feature the powerful and efficient Tier 4 interim compliant AGCO POWER 8.4-liter diesel engine with e3 SCR technology. Early field reports indicate up to two gallons-per-hour less fuel consumption with the new TerraGator over its predecessor that was built with a CVT and EGR engine. The TerraGator sports a new color scheme and is packed with productivity-boosting features like increased horsepower, higher displaced hydraulic pumps on the application systems hydraulic system and convenient access to service points. Operator comfort is enhanced by increasing the wheelbase for a smoother ride and reducing in-cab noise levels.

• Powerful and efficient Tier 4 interim-compliant AGCO POWER 8.4-liter diesel engine with e3 SCR technology

• Up to two-gallon-per-hour advantage over its predecessor

• 17 percent less fuel consumption compared with non-SCR engines

• Increased horsepower gives more power to the ground

• Improved access to daily service points on the machine

• Industry-leading and efficient continuously variable transmission (CVT)

• Reduced in-cab noise levels

• Enhanced application system hydraulics provide optimum output flow at lower RPMs

• Increased wheel base improves ride and operator comfort

• AGCOMMAND™ Advanced telemetry package for vehicle logistic and maintenance

Winning Combo Makes for Dynamic Duo

Co-promotion ad with BASF featuring RoGator

Have you ever noticed how true winners seem to find each other and join forces to make things happen? This has been the case for two truly innovative products in Canada – the RoGator® and BASF’s HEAT® herbicide.

Our top-of-the-line self-propelled sprayer and BASF’s innovative new herbicide are enjoying a co-promotion across the western part of Canada. BASF is featuring the RoGator in all of its print advertising, positioning our machine as the applicator of choice for use when applying HEAT herbicide, which features a unique class of chemistry designed for burndown of targeted weeds and grasses for pre-seed and chemfallow applications.

In the first quarter of 2011, BASF held a contest across western Canada in which growers signed up in record numbers to win a one-year lease on a RoGator 1194 self-propelled sprayer and a case of HEAT herbicide.

The prize winner was chosen in April: Gordie Mueller of Humboldt, Saskatchewan, who manages a 3,500-acre farming operation that grows canola, peas, wheat, oats, barley and lentils. As the winner, Mueller gets to use a 1194 Self-Propelled RoGator  for one year or 200 hours – whichever comes first, in addition to winning enough BASF HEAT herbicide and MERGE® to treat 640 acres. The total value of the prize is more than $54,000.

Upon winning, Mueller said the prize was a “pretty big shock!” He even added that he was intending to switch to a high-clearance sprayer next year, so this win was an absolutely perfect fit for him.

The RoGator is a common sight across the prairies of Canada, providing application of a wide variety of fertilizers and crop-protection products for wheat, canola and other crops common to that country. With large tracts of land to cover – often when racing the clock to make timely applications in a short timeframe – the RoGator is a natural choice for Canadian farmers and professional applicators alike.

Paired together, the RoGator and HEAT herbicide are simply unbeatable. Check out http://www.applylikeapro.com/AboutUs/Testimonials/ to see what customers are saying about the RoGator and www.agsolutions.ca/heat on BASF’s HEAT Herbicide.

Be on the look out for our next co-promotion. In the meantime – what are some of the winning combinations you’ve put together with your AGCO machines?

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