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AGCO Prepares Youth For Careers In Agriculture


AGCO announced their sponsorship of the 23rd annual International Food and Agribusiness Management Association (IFAMA) World Forum and Symposium.  The conference takes place in Atlanta, GA June 18-20 with a mission to develop and sustain talent across the diverse value chain of global food production – from smallholder farmers in emerging regions of the world to the sophisticated commercial agricultural practices in mature economies. “It is a natural fit for AGCO to sponsor this organization and we are very happy to support young people who have chosen to pursue a career in agriculture,” said Martin Richenhagen, Chairman, President and CEO of AGCO. “Education is key to the advancement of the agricultural industry and key to the advancement of global economies.”

The Earth’s population is set to reach 9 billion by the year 2050. However, the number of young adults going into the agriculture industry is quickly declining. Global farm productivity has to change in order to keep up with growing needs for food, fuel and fiber and the industry needs the best and brightest minds in order to keep up with demand.

Raby Eric 2

Eric Raby, Vice President, Global Marketing & Commercial Development will be a guest speaker at the event on June 20. In his speech, he will outline how Africa can play a decisive role in transforming global agriculture as well as what AGCO is learning from working in emerging markets. “AGCO knows the importance of attracting high quality talent to the ag industry because they will set the stage to feed, clothe and fuel the world for generations to come,” said Raby. “Even with today’s economy, people have not and will not stop eating; therefore, agriculture leads the way in career opportunities for the graduates of today and tomorrow.”


The International Food and Agribusiness Management Association (IFAMA) is a nonprofit organization that unites industry, students, academics, government leaders and other key stakeholders across the value chain of food production and consumption – to improve the global food and agribusiness system in response to the changing needs of the world. Founded in 1990 IFAMA fosters information sharing, knowledge advancement, discussion, debate, networking and career development through members across more than 50 countries. The annual IFAMA World Forum and Symposium is the organization’s cornerstone event, where leading experts address the most current and pressing issues in food and agriculture. Visit www.ifama.org to learn more.

The 2nd AGCO Africa Summit – January 21, 2013

AGCO will host the 2nd annual Africa Summit on January 21, 2013 in Berlin, Germany.

Food security has never been so profoundly challenged. In 2050, it is projected that the global population will rise to more than 9 billion people. The challenge is to produce more food to meet this ever-increasing demand; with less resources and at a higher cost than ever before.

In addition to the world’s exploding population, diet patterns are changing: as developing nations gain affluence eating habits shift from staple crops towards more consumption of dairy and meat products. Annual meat production alone will need to increase 75% by 2050 to keep up with demand. This puts further pressure on already-dwindling reserves, and means society will have to make a trade-off between growing crops to feed the local community, and delivering marketable goods to meet demand elsewhere. Innovation and investment has driven agricultural productivity to new highs in developed countries, and should now be redirected towards a continent that has the resources and potential to feed the world.

Africa provides the answer.  Nowhere in the world is there such an abundance of untapped resources.  According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) 15% of the world’s arable land lies in Africa, of which 86% remains uncultivated. Pre-1960 – Africa provided 10% of the world’s food – that figure is less than 1% today.

Africa lies at the heart of what promises to be a new Agricultural Revolution.
The solution is to develop a systematic approach that enables a strategic partnership to deliver crops that feed increasing populations in an economically, environmentally and socially responsible way. While the challenge is enormous, the opportunities are both substantial and achievable. Farmers are among the main beneficiaries of agricultural development and are at the very core of the solution. But there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. A lack of infrastructure, mechanization and technology across the continent calls for market-based cooperation between farmers, private industry, government and society to establish a new blueprint.

Africa holds the key to ensuring a sustainable food supply, but only if a new road map for progress is developed, harnessing both the expertise of the private industry sector and the knowledge of local communities.

Massey Ferguson and Valtra Showcase Product Line Expansions at the Expointer Show in Esteio, Brazil

Expointer reaches its 35th edition, it takes place in the city of Esteio – RS, between August 25th and September 2nd.

In order to better service clients and visitors, Massey Ferguson and Valtra prepared a modern and differentiated structure in an area of over 5000 m², presenting solutions for agriculture. The displays will also have spaces dedicated to the AGCO solutions and the Santal brands – manufacturer of agricultural equipment for the sugar and alcohol sector and GSI Agromarau – manufacturer in the segment of grain storage and protein production systems), recent acquisitions of the AGCO group.

In addition the exhibition of products, the Valtra display will highlight the area dedicated to the ANTS Concept: those who see  the display, can learn about this concept machine and play a game simulating the ANTS working on a farm of the future. The best scorer will win an IPad 3.  The ranking will be available on the Facebook Valtra Global, stay tuned!

In the Massey Ferguson stand, visitors can claim a copy of the 106th issue of the Campo Aberto Magazine and participate in the Contest You on the Cover of Campo Aberto, snapping a picture to produce a custom magazine, which will be delivered right away! The participant will also compete for 3 semi-professional digital cameras in the contest for the most “liked” covers on Facebook Massey Ferguson Global.



Relationship, Press and Advertising
On the Massey Ferguson and Valtra displays, the press office will be present to serve interested journalists. In addition, several TV commercials will be displayed, add in magazines and local specialized newspapers.

Throughout the 9 days of the fair, several visitors will be welcomed in the stands and in the factory, which is near the Expointer park. Over 200 visitors are expected.

Product Launching

For the first time, Massey Ferguson presents its new harvester MF 32, now SR which is prepared both for grain harvesting and harvesting of irrigated rice.  Check out the commercial vídeo here. Also, there will be launching of the tractor MF 2625, the windrowers (MF 3802 and MF 3814, MF 3875), harvesters (MF 1309 e MF 1358), balers MF 1837 (rectangular bales) and MF 1745 (cylindrical bales) and also the rice planter MF300. Highlight also for the bigger and modern tractors of Massey Ferguson in Brazil, the MF 8600 series, in addition to the Pulverizer MF 9030 and the Telemetric System AGCOMMAND.

Valtra also consolidates its technological pioneering going into the industry of tractors over 300hp with its S Series. The High Power models S293 and S353 offer differential features which make them stand out from  other tractors in the country.  The Challenger Balers of small rectangular bales SB34 and round bales RB452 will also be launched during Expointer. HIghlight also for the AGCOMMAND Telemetric System,new HiTech Threshing rotor for the axial harvesters, new 600F Series platforms, and also the BS3020H Pulverizer.

Also, there will be launching of the tractor MF 2625, the windrowers (MF 3802 and MF 3814, MF 3875), harvesters (MF 1309 e MF 1358), balers MF 1837 (rectangular bales) and MF 1745 (cylindrical bales) and also the rice planterMF300. Highlight also for the bigger and modern tractors of Massey Ferguson in Brazil, the MF 8600 series, in addition to the Pulverizer MF 9030 and the Telemetric System AGCOMMAND.

You can see all the news about Expointer at facebook albums: Massey Ferguson & Valtra!

With this spirit of technology and innovation, as well as actions to support all businesses, Massey Ferguson and Valtra begin their participation at Expointer! May you all have good business!

Massey Ferguson 9500 Series Combine Proudly Waves the Maple Leaf

For the first time since it was launched last fall, the new Massey Ferguson 9500 Series axial combine will be on display at the 2012 Western Canada Farm Progress Show.

The combine will be wrapped proudly in the Canadian flag, recognizing the pride and heritage of the first widely available self-propelled harvesters which were manufactured in Toronto, Ontario.  “There is a great sense of pride among Massey Ferguson combine owners because of the long history of innovation and harvest excellence the machines have always delivered,” says Kevin Cobb, product marketing manager at Massey Ferguson. “The new 9500 Series offers the very latest in innovation, bringing growers some pretty impressive fuel efficiency and harvest capacity benefits. The Western Canada Farm Progress Show is a fitting stage to dress this combine with the Maple Leaf and to recognize its Canadian heritage and pride. It’s your country, your combine.” Visitors to the Western Canada Farm Progress Show may see the 9500 Series combines at the Massey Ferguson display in space #9420 on Lot M.

The new combines are the most productive and efficient machines ever offered from Massey Ferguson – providing greater power and capacity – designed to perform in even the most adverse crop conditions. The 9500 Series combines are powered by fuel-efficient AGCO POWER™ engines and offer exclusive advancements such as the new Trident™ processor, exclusive V-Cool™ system, redesigned cleaning system and more.
The 9500 Series has exhibited exceptional fuel efficiency without compromising power or torque ratings. “Growers are seeing 20 percent improvement in fuel efficiency, as well as 20 percent increase in harvest capacity with the 9500 series,” Cobb adds. The improvements are made possible by AGCO POWER diesel engines with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) clean-air technology. With SCR, the exhaust reduction process takes place outside of the engine after combustion. As a result, the engine stays cooler – so as to not diminish engine performance or fuel efficiency.
Massey Ferguson has further enhanced performance by changing the engine’s configuration. It’s now in line with the rotor, so power flow remains direct. This helps optimize power for smooth, efficient harvesting even when terrain, environment, crop volume and crop conditions become particularly challenging.

In fact, with the tough harvest conditions of Western Canada in mind, Massey Ferguson created its own special system to avoid heat build-up. With the new V-Cool system, the radiator and cooling units for air-conditioning, hydraulic systems and the air-to-air intercooler are arranged in a V-shape. Airflow is unrestricted and reaches each cooling unit directly, instead of being forced through multiple radiators. Even the engine air intake is pulled from the V-Cool area, promoting longer filter life and better performance.
The Massey Ferguson 9500 Series features three all-new models: the MF9520, with a six-cylinder 8.4 liter engine and the MF9540 and MF9560 which each offer an all-new 9.8 liter, seven-cylinder engine positioned in-line with the axial rotor for maximum driveline efficiency.
“The new Massey Ferguson harvesting lineup answers the most challenging question – how to build a combine with more capacity and less complexity,” adds Cobb. “As evidenced by the all-new Massey Ferguson 9500 Series axial combines, we’ve come a long way since Massey-Harris perfected the world’s first commercially successful self-propelled combine in 1938. Because we’ve not forgotten the principles and ideas upon which Massey Ferguson was founded, we are committed to designing and developing state-of-the-art machinery that exceeds grower’s expectations in performance and reliability.”
For more information on the new Massey Ferguson 9500
Series axial combines, be sure to attend the Western Canada Farm Progress Show or stop by your local Massey Ferguson dealer.

AGCO Intivity Center and Manufacturing Expansion Officially Open

AGCO celebrates the grand opening of Intivity Center and the 75,000-square-foot expansion of its Jackson, Minn., manufacturing center.

The investment brings production of Challenger and Massey Ferguson high-horsepower wheeled row crop tractors to North America — a decision that was announced in early 2011. The manufacturing center expansion will contribute more than $17 million dollars and 200 jobs to the local economy, bringing the total number of professional, support and skilled manufacturing positions at the facility to 1,050. Intivity Center, a 17,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art visitor center, is AGCO’s first welcome center in North America, and showcases the farmer-focused innovation behind the brands upon which the company has been built.

Intivity Center offers an extensive collection of historical artifacts — many never before seen by the public. In addition, it includes a glimpse of the future of agricultural equipment through interactive displays demonstrating equipment technology in development at AGCO. Open to the public Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Intivity Center is expected to attract an estimated 10,000 visitors per year.
Martin Richenhagen, chairman and CEO, and Bob Crain, senior vice president and general manager, AGCO North America, opened Intivity Center with a ribbon-cutting ceremony attended by more than 500 dealers, employees, state and local elected officials and the media. A public open house for the local community will be held Saturday, June 9, 2012.
“Today is a great day for AGCO, and we’re thrilled to bring the production of Massey Ferguson and Challenger row crop tractors to North America for our North American customers and dealers,” said Richenhagen. “This is one in a continuum of efforts AGCO is undertaking through our commitment to deliver superior products, service and innovation as we have never done before.
“AGCO is proud to bring North American farmers the benefit of our global expertise in agricultural equipment, and Intivity Center captures many examples of our efforts, both from the past and those we will be bringing to market in the future,” added Richenhagen.
Crain reiterated the reasons Jackson was chosen as the ideal place in North America to manufacture the company’s row crop tractors.
“There is a long-standing tradition of hard work, commitment and understanding of customer needs here in Jackson. This commitment is evident from the speed with which the team here undertook and completed the construction, and brought the line up to full capacity to produce the Massey Ferguson and Challenger row crop tractors we can now proudly say are ‘built in North America’ for our customers and dealers here,” Crain said. “Thank you to everyone who has made this day possible, particularly our outstanding team of Jackson employees, led by Eric Fisher, director of operations. Jackson and our new Intivity Center are truly the new hometown of Agriculture and Innovation.”
Farm equipment manufacturing has been a part of the Jackson community since 1963, when Ag-Chem Equipment Company was founded as a distributor of spraying equipment. Ag-Chem was purchased by AGCO in 2001. Jackson is now home to Challenger and Massey Ferguson high-horsepower wheeled row crop tractors as well the Challenger track tractors and application equipment.

For more information about Intivity Center and AGCO Jackson Operations, or to schedule tours of the expanded manufacturing facility, visit http://jackson.AGCOcorp.com. For information about AGCO’s products and services or to find a dealer near you, visit www.AGCOcorp.com.