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Massey Ferguson MF 6718 S – The World’s First 200hp Four-Cylinder Tractor – Makes its SIMA Debut

The new MF 6700 S Series, which includes the world’s first 200hp, four-cylinder agricultural tractor, made its SIMA Show debut in Paris, following its preview in France last year.

With its unrivalled four-cylinder power, manoeuvrability and agility the MF 6700 S is in a class of its own, with Massey Ferguson’s new ‘S Effect’ taking maximum four-cylinder engine output to 200hp (with Engine Power Management) for the first time in the MF 6718 S.


The compact, 4.9 litre four-cylinder engine, 2.67m wheelbase and a turning radius of just 4.75m also makes the MF 6718 S the most manoeuvrable 200hp tractor.

“Massey Ferguson invented the concept of the high power, four-cylinder tractor, with the original MF 6600 breaking new ground and creating a completely new class of 150hp+ tractors. Now, with the ‘S effect’ we are further advancing performance in this sector up to 200hp on the MF 6718 S,” says Campbell Scott, Massey Ferguson Director Marketing Services.

“The advanced engine develops its maximum power at just 2,000rpm and generates maximum torque at 1,500rpm, which means it delivers exceptional fuel economy combined with superb pulling power – and with plenty in reserve. This provides users with the operating benefits associated with larger, longer and heavier six cylinder tractors, but in a compact and extremely light machine,” he adds.

There are six new models in the MF 6700 S Series, which offer maximum powers from 120hp to 175hp and all benefit from Electronic Power Management (EPM), which provides an extra 25hp on all models.

“The only comparison with the MF 6600 Series is its looks. The MF 6700 S Series contains considerable changes and new developments in engine design, transmission choice, hydraulic output, four-speed PTO and superb cab comfort,” adds Mr Scott.

All MF 6700 S tractors are powered by the latest AGCO Power 4.9 litre engines, which use a maintenance-free Selective Catalytic Convertor (SCR), Diesel Oxidation Catalyst and electronic wastegated turbocharger to improve efficiency and reduce emissions to meet the strict Stage IV (Tier four final) regulations

The MF 6700 S tractors are equipped to the highest specifications including a choice of transmission, which depending on model, includes Dyna-4, Dyna-6 and the Dyna-VT continuously variable transmission, which is now available for the first time from 130hp.

Massey Ferguson Raises the Bar with the Introduction of New Generation MF TH Series Telehandlers at SIMA 2017

The Massey Ferguson MF TH Telehandler Series, which made its debut at the SIMA Show, in Paris, introduces four new models that deliver more power, lift height, extra capacity and a longer reach.

The four new generation models have lift capacities from 3t to 3.8t with lift heights from 6m to 7m. Developed specifically for farmers and contractors, the new models in the MF TH Telehandler Series offer optimum manoeuvrability and performance required for all loading operations.


“This new MF TH Telehandler Series takes our continuous improvement programme to an ever greater level,” says Campbell Scott, Massey Ferguson Director Marketing Services. “The new features on our renowned machines now deliver customers even higher performance, which allow them to carry out their work in more comfort, with greater productivity and with lower costs.”

All are equipped with a hydrostatic transmission and are powered by a 3.4 litre four-cylinder Doosan engine, which delivers 100hp on the MF TH.6030 and MF TH.7035 and 130hp on the MF TH.6534 and MF TH.7038. All models have three selectable steering modes, two-wheel steer, four-wheel steer and crab-steer for optimum manoeuvrability in all operating conditions.

With four models in the MF TH Telehandler Series, customers can select a model that precisely matches the power and capacity they require.

The MF TH.6030 semi-compact format combines two cab positions with excellent manoeuvrability from its short, 5.71m wheelbase and narrow, 2.1m wide chassis, and delivers unrivalled performance in tight areas, such as narrow barns and poultry buildings.

Despite its compact dimensions, the MF TH.6030 can lift an impressive 3t to 6m for optimum versatility when loading bales, fertiliser or manure. And, at just 2.1m tall, the low cab version can also access height-restricted buildings.

With a more powerful 130hp engine, the MF TH.6534 excels in transport and features 190 litres/min hydraulic flow for faster cycle times. Capable of lifting 3.4t to 6.5m, it’s the perfect all-round materials handling workhorse.

Applications requiring extra reach and lift capacity are well served by the MF TH.7035 which combines a 100hp engine with the ability to lift 3.5 tonnes and a maximum reach of 7m.

The ultimate materials handler for heavy, high density bales or demanding grain or muck loading workloads comes in the shape of the 130hp MF TH.7038, which has a maximum lift capacity of 3.8t and lift height of 7m. It offers 190 litres/min hydraulic capacity for the fastest work cycles and is the ideal choice for contractors or larger farms and businesses.

Massey Ferguson CornFlow™ Maize Headers Enhance Combine Versatility and Exceptional Laid Crops Performance

Massey Ferguson’s new CornFlow header delivers high capacity for faster maize harvesting and exceptional performance in laid crops, with reduced header and cob losses.


Introduced at the SIMA show in Paris, it is designed specifically for use with MF Activa, MF Activa S, MF Beta, MF Centora and MF Delta combine harvesters. The CornFlow range includes eight new models offering a choice of six- and eight-row, rigid and folding models, with 70cm or 75cm row spacings.

All the headers are available in rigid or folding formats, providing transport widths of 3m for the six-row and 3.5m on the eight-row.

MF CornFlow headers are manufactured by leading specialist, Capello , and are designed conjunction with Massey Ferguson. Capello is one of the major maize header manufacturers in the world and is well-respected for its design expertise and high quality engineering.

“The MF CornFlow range extends Massey Ferguson’s full-line strategy,” says Adam Sherriff, Market Development Manager. “This provides customers with a ‘one stop shop’ enabling them to select a specialist maize header that has been designed and built specifically for the combine. They can also be assured they receive the same back-up and service from their local Massey Ferguson dealer.”

MF CornFlow headers will available through the Massey Ferguson Dealer Network across its Europe and Middle East region.

Massey Ferguson Datatronic 5 puts Tablet Technology in the Cab

Massey Ferguson’s advanced, new Datatronic 5 system, introduced at the SIMA Show in Paris, puts complete tractor and precision farming control at the operator’s fingertips.

Developed by Massey Ferguson’s own in-house team, the powerful, ISOBUS compatible terminal’s 9in touch-screen uses the most modern technology to make it as easy to use as the latest tablets and smartphones.


“Massey Ferguson engineers have invested 30 years of experience in creating the fifth generation of Datatronic – another innovation landmark,” says Campbell Scott, Director Marketing Services. “Datatronic 5 delivers users an advanced precision farming terminal, which is straightforward and intuitive to use and helps boost efficiency, productivity and profitability.”

Fitted as standard on all new MF 8700 Series tractors, the ISOBUS compatible Datatronic 5 provides complete tractor and implement control as well as precision farming functions.

The clear and concise 9in touch screen, which employs tablet and smartphone technology, enables operators to access and change settings quickly and instinctively. Using a single terminal operators can bring up pages to set the hydraulics, transmission, engine and set-up and run the outstanding headland management system.

Datatronic 5 makes automatic steering easy with Auto-Guide, using its straightforward ‘Go Mode’ that allows operators to quickly set-up and use the system. With the new terminal users can also choose the level of steering accuracy that suits their operations and employ signals from their preferred supplier.

A powerful and flexible system, Datatronic 5 also offers an advanced suite of features, including record keeping, mapping, automatic section control, variable rate applications, comprehensive fleet and machinery monitoring.

TaskDoc records data quickly and easily to create field records, make job reports and keep accurate records of inputs. This information can be transferred simply, wirelessly from the terminal in a format compatible with most farm management software.

With TaskDoc Pro it’s possible to add the GPS position to the data and transfer this information to field management and mapping software in real time.

Application accuracy of inputs, is enhanced by AgControl, which helps maximise profits and reduce waste using Section Control to apply seed, fertiliser and sprays accurately without overlaps. The system automatically shuts down up to 24 individual sections when it encounters previously treated areas.

 Data gathered by TaskDoc Pro can be used to create variable rate treatment plans to ensure inputs are targeted to areas where they will do the most good. This cuts waste, costs and is proven to boost yields and increase crop quality and protect the environment.

VariableRateControl translates these plans into action, automatically adjusting the rate, according to the map and the precise location logged by the tractor’s GPS system. A coverage map on the screen informs operators of the changes in real time.

AgCommand is a comprehensive machinery and fleet monitoring system that employs the power of telemetry to provide a continuous link between machines and the office PC or even suitable mobile devices.

Massey Ferguson Global Series Tractor Visioline Roof Further Improves Visibility for Load Operations

The addition of the new Visioline Roof option for Global Series tractors, launched at the SIMA, Paris show, further improves the tractors’ visibility, safety and efficiency when handling loads.

The new Visioline Roof option enhances the Global Series tractors’ already superb loader work credentials. The glass roof, protected by sturdy metal bars, complies fully with both ROPS and FOPS protection standards.


Ensuring a clear view of the load at heights in all weathers and conditions, the toughened glass screen is equipped with its own, unique integral demist system and air vents. Compared with other materials, such as polycarbonate, Massey Ferguson’s Visioline glass roof offers superior performance because it does not ‘haze’ over time, provides a much clearer view and ‘demists’ quickly.

All Global Series tractors can be specified loader-ready for work with a Massey Ferguson loader. The tractor will come equipped with a sub-frame, which is an integral part of the machine – designed specifically for the model, to maintain maximum manoeuvrability and ease of maintenance access.

This helps maintain perfect visibility over the sloping bonnet, thanks to Massey Ferguson’s elegant approach to exhaust emission reduction, using its simple, maintenance-free SCR system.

Massey Ferguson’s Global Series is the first tractor range to be developed in recent times specifically for the demanding 60hp to 130hp multi-purpose sector. As well as providing the most up-to-date specifications in their class, the tractors are also built using the most modern computer-aided design and manufacturing technology.