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Harvest Hazards

In the spirit of National Farm Safety and Health Week here in the United States, AGCO would like to share a message with everyone from Farm Safety 4 Just Kids. Make sure to visit our Safety tab to learn more about keeping your farm safe.

The shorter days of fall puts farmers and ranchers in a race against the clock during harvest. Factor in weather conditions and working hours always seem to be at a premium. With time and money on the line, a farm accident would grind harvest to stand still.

A little preparation can go a long way in preventing accidents. Planned maintenance and skilled equipment operation can minimize downtime and reduce potential for mishaps during harvest.

In addition manufacturers, like AGCO, have taken great strides to build safety features into equipment; however some potential hazards simply can’t be eliminated. Use guards and shields when possible and make sure everything is in working order.

The pressure of harvest often leads to fatigue, another major factor in farm accidents. Take your time and think safety. You can’t afford not to.

A few more things that will help make your harvest season a safe one for the entire family:

• Carry out preseason maintenance and repair several weeks before harvest.

• Clear plugged equipment only after the engine is turned off.

• All guards and shields should be secured before equipment is started.

• Wear comfortable, close-fitting clothing, including sturdy, protective shoes.

• Teach kids not to approach machinery while the engine is running and not to play on equipment.

• Always let someone else know where you’re working. Check in regularly.

• Avoid sleep deprivation and extreme physical exhaustion.

• Drugs or alcohol can impede safety.

Cheers to a save and abundant harvest!

Fendt “Build and Quote” Website Makes Choosing and Pricing New Tractors Faster and Easier

AGCO has introduced an easy way to configure, price and compare new Fendt equipment, right from the home office of current and potential US and Canadian customers. The tool is very user friendly and intuitive to use, enabling our online visitors to gain a better understanding of the many features and options available on specific equipment and see the list price. No registration is required which makes it convenient to research equipment information and pricing details.  We know that farm equipment purchase decisions are rarely made overnight and often involve several members of a farm business, so each detailed build summary with the list price may be emailed and printed for future reference.

After mixing and match the various options, customers may choose to request a formal quote from their choice of one of the three closest dealers. Dealers are notified of the request for quote via email and receive the build summary and optional trade-in, financing and warranty information if provided by the customer.

The new sites offer additional shopping tools to help customers prepare for an upcoming purchase of a tractor, combine, baler or other hay equipment, and implements. Visitors can compare models to those of the competition using AGCO Compare , view product information, use a payment calculator, learn about special offers details on financing options through AGCO Finance

We know this tool will be an invaluable resource for customers, helping them to choose the right machine and options for their operation in conjunction with consultation with their local dealer.

So take a few moments to browse the new site and ‘share” with your friends.

Build My Fendt: http://buildandquote.fendt.com

Tell us, what product did YOU choose to build? Did you go ahead and request a dealer quote?

The Power of Electricity

This is another great farm safety message brought to you by Farm Safety 4 Just Kids. Electricity is powerful. Agriculture relies on electricity to keep the barn lights on, to run equipment and to turn the alarm clock on every morning. Electricity is also a powerful hazard on the farm, one that demands respect.The Kentucky Association of Electric Cooperatives teaches farm safety at the Mammouth Cave Farm Safety 4 Just Kids chapter's safety day.

Lack of knowledge and skill are the leading cause of incidents involving electricity. Teach children how electricity works, and what types of materials conduct electricity and which ones don’t.

Once youth are old enough, trained and qualified to drive farm equipment, teach them to lower things like augers before crossing under a power line. It’s also important to teach them to stay in the vehicle if they become entangled in an over head power line. If you’ve explained how electricity works, they’ll know touching the machinery while stepping on the ground will complete the circuit.

In addition, make sure overhead power lines are well maintained and have adequate clearance to avoid these situations.

Here are a few more electricity safety tips:

• Keep face plates on switches and outlet

• Keep electrical panels free of dust and debris

• Keep electrical panels covered to reduce shock and fire hazard

• Use properly maintained tools and equipment that is double insulated

• Do not use electrical tools around water

• Equip the shop area with Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters and use 3-prong grounding plugs

• Use undamaged electrical cords and do not carry tools by their cords

• Grip the plug, not the cord, to unplug a tool

• Switch off and unplug a tool before you change parts or clean it, or if it begins to smoke or burn

• Instruct children in proper behavior around and respect of electricity

Keep everyone safe around electricity. Prevent the electricity we need so much from harming the ones we love the most.

For more information about farm safety, visit http://www.fs4jk.org/.

Just Launched: System 350 Automatic Steering

The System 350 is the latest auto-steer technology available through the AGCO North American dealer network. The System 350 features a new X30 all-in-one control console that gives operators an entirely new level of precision control, dependability, flexibility and ease of use. It provides a wealth of control and display options that allow the operator to easily monitor machine activity at a glance to help reduce expensive swath overlap and easily manage field-by-field information for increased productivity and efficiency. An easy-to-use icon-based setup screen on the X30 console allows the operator to configure the system to the specific needs of the job, rather than being restricted by preset parameters.

The System 350 Automatic Steering includes boundary and U-turn recognition features that allow operators to easily complete turns and lock onto the next swath. The System’s guidance dashboard provides on-screen indicators for area covered, speed, swath number and satellite information while it builds a color coverage map that the operator can use to review which areas have been covered.

• 12.1-inch multi-touch screen features crisp, high-resolution graphics that are easy to see even in bright sunlight

• RTK Snap-in Module plugs into the System 350 AGI-3 receiver for centimeter (RTK) accuracy

• Snap-in module includes an internal 915 MHz radio for receiving data from a Topcon HiPer AG radio base station or a US GSM cellular modem

• Capable of using Continuously Operating Reference Station (CORS) correction via cellular data link as an alternative to RTK correction

• Enhanced data management features with multiple input and output options to compile and store valuable field-by-field information

• Automatic coverage maps track the area covered by the vehicle so producers can easily identify missed areas or areas of overlap

• Moves easily from one vehicle to the next

• Available through AGCO’s North American dealer network

Just Launched: Sunflower 9610 Conventional Drill

The Sunflower® 9610 conventional drill delivers precise seed placement for grasses, legumes and small grains in conventional tillage systems. The 9610 offers 15- and 20-foot wide working widths, one of the industry’s largest-capacity seed hoppers, easily adjustable down pressure and a maintenance-free meter-drive system to help producers accurately and efficiently seed more acres in a day.

The Sunflower 9610 conventional drill is built on a heavy-duty frame and offers varied row-spacing options to meet producer needs. Two down-pressure zones ensure consistent seed placement in different soil conditions, such as behind tractor tires.

• Largest capacity seed hoppers in the industry

• Available in 15- and 20-foot wide working widths

• Row-spacing options of 6 inches, 7 1/2 inches or 10 inches

• Easily adjustable seeding depth in ¼-increments from minus 1 inch to plus 3 inches

• Single-arm-mount conventional openers placed at an 8-inch stagger for increased residue flow

• Choice of four press wheels for varied soil conditions

• Heavy-duty frame withstands the rotational forces created by the openers

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