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Discover the New Generation of Massey Ferguson

Amidst a blaze of publicity, Massey Ferguson has launched a powerful range of superb new products and a new promotional campaign at SIMA 2011, Paris.

Under the banner “SUPERIOR DNA FROM MASSEY FERGUSON“, the new products offer farmers the optimum solutions in farm mechanisation capitalising on the Massey Ferguson brand genetics of superior engineering and superior product support.

The brand new products are 4 new agile additions to the MF 5400 series with superb new styling… destined to be a strong favourite on mixed farms and perfect for loader work; the new MF 8600 series with its Generation 2 e3 SCR system for low fuel consumption and clean air plus a state of the art new range of telescopic handlers, the MF 9000 series which has redefined the benchmark in agricultural materials handling.

Added to this, and under the Massey Ferguson “PURE GOLD” harvesting banner comes the new MF 7300 series combine harvester with its new Paralevel system for use on sloping terrain proving once again that Massey Ferguson is the gilt edged investment for the smart farmer of tomorrow who demands the best in up to date equipment.

What do you think of the new Massey Ferguson “SUPERIOR DNA FROM MASSEY FERGUSON” campaign and products?

Number One MF 8650 Up for Grabs

My colleagues in AGCO Parts (Europe, Africa and Middle East region) have recently introduced a stunning new scale model of the MF 8650 to their merchandising range and have decided to auction one for charity with all proceeds being donated to the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution. But it’s not just any model of the 4000 limited edition series that was produced – it’s the Number 1.

Number 1 of 4000 limited edition MF 8650 scale models

The 1:32 scale model of an MF 8650 liveried in black is a detailed representation of a special tractor produced in Beauvais, France and is a very desirable piece for any collector.  The full size version was produced in the factory following a special request from a French contractor who wanted to differentiate between his Massey Ferguson fleet and other local contractors using MF machinery.

The EBay auction for this model starts on Friday 18th February (0800hrs GMT) and continues for 10 days.  With a starting bid of just £50, it is set to raise a significant amount for the chosen charity, the Royal Agricultural Benevolent institution; which supports members of the farming community facing need, hardship or distress.

So what are you waiting for?  Visit www.EBay.co.uk and bid on item 280630100428.

Gavin Doughty

  • Industry:   Agriculture
  • Occupation:  Manager, Marketing Communications – MF Brand and PHC (Professional Harvesting Client)
  • Location:  AGCO Ltd, UK

About me:Gavin Doughty

I started at AGCO Ltd, based in the UK, in 2001 as a Graphic Designer from the city with very little agricultural knowledge. Other than knowing that cows made milk and barley made beer, I knew very little about farming and the machinery needed to support the farmer in their daily toils.

Now, ten years on, I am proud to have responsibility of communicating Massey Ferguson Harvesting and Brand promotions throughout Europe, Africa and Middle East; and have discovered a passion for the work we do helping you, the farmer, to literally ‘feed the world’.

Massey Ferguson Demo Drivers Lead the Way

Gavin Doughty here, Manager, Marketing Communications for AGCO in Abbey Park, UK. Working in the Marketing function of AGCO Ltd, I have responsibility for the communication of Massey Ferguson Harvesting and Brand promotions throughout Europe, Africa and Middle East.

Massey Ferguson Harvesting is set to develop the new Golden Age and re-capture the credibility it deserves as the inventor of the first commercially available self-propelled combine harvester in the world.

The new MF 9280 DELTA hybrid combine made its way into the fields recently as demonstration teams swung into action across Europe.

A highly skilled team of drivers are currently demonstrating the benefits of the Massey Ferguson hybrid combine to customers throughout our region; in UK, Germany, Czech, Hungary, Denmark and Slovakia, with the full support of local sales teams.

A full machinery tour around the MF DELTA starts the customer’s day on arrival in the field, followed by the real harvesting experience from the driver’s seat to put the combine through its paces and see the benefits of the new technology for themselves.

Over the coming days and weeks I will be posting reports from the demo teams. Check out more information about the DELTA combine.

Post your questions below as a comment and I’ll get word out to the teams.
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