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MF Super DNA roadshow and demo tour in Poland… Day 1

Yesterday we kicked off our Massey Ferguson roadshow in Poland, working in co-operation with our distributor Korbanek and Co. This is the first time that we have done such an event here, in what is proving to be an important growth market for MF. The plan is to exceed sales of 1000 MF tractors per year by next year and this year we are tracking well towards that.

Family company Korbanek have established a network of professional Agrocentres all across Poland and Mr and Mrs Korbanek, together with a full team of product specialists and demonstrators are travelling with us on the tour around the country.

Farmers receive a personal welcome to the Agrocentre from Mr Korbanek, followed by a product show and shuttle buses to the demo field for a field demonstration. As many farmers as possible are invited to test drive the tractors, with a raffle of special prizes available for all those who get on the seat.

The day rounds off with a hearty meal of soup, sausages and bread, freshly prepared in the field and then we move on to the next location. That meant a long convoy of cars and trucks last night, from Posnan to the north of Poland.

Adam Korbanek leads a group of farmers through the MF products in Posnan

Together with MF Harvesting machinery, a full line of MF tractors is being presented with the star of the show, the recently introduced MF 5400 series models MF 5420 – MF 5450. These are proving already to be a hit with Polish farmers. With good fuel economy and being very straightforward in operation, farmers love their sleek modern styling and impressive features that offer good performance in the field.

This kind of event is very well appreciated by Polish farmers as it gives them the opportunity to see and try the products for themselves and talk to experts on every aspect of farm machinery including the latest Technology available from Topcon.

It is really heartening to see the warm welcome, wherever we go, for Massey Ferguson and the pleasant reaction from farmers when they see for themselves the power and performance of the products in the field. Massey Ferguson is already very well known here because of former connections with Ursus and we are going through a sustained period of re-positioning the brand, to a much more modern image, that spans virtually all possible requirements of farm mechanisation in Poland.

Our current promotional campaign in Europe is “Superior DNA from Massey Ferguson” and the Polish version is nicely translated as “Super DNA od Massey Fergusona” … and this is creating a very positive passion for the brand whose roots so closely reflect the history and development of farm mechanisation, not only within Europe but globally.

Stay tuned on the AGCO Blog for the rest of the week to hear updates about our tour. What is your favorite thing about your Massey Ferguson?

Get Ready for Cultivations With Datatronic!

If you own a Massey Ferguson 6400, 7400 or 8600 series tractor with the onboard Datatronic console, you have at your fingertips a powerful tool for use in  cultivations, planting and seeding!

In addition to the more obvious benefits of Datatronic like being able to read fuel consumption and work rates, you also have the possibility to set up, automate and manage many of the functions of the tractor. This could include flow rates and timings for spool valves, management of headland operations and auto control of wheel slip… all designed to optimise your performance and work rate in the field.

I would also like to draw your attention to two further options within Datatronic… Dual Control and Trailed Implement Control. Recognising that many bigger implements are not purely controlled by rear 3 point linkage, these two systems allow front and rear semi-mounted machines and rear drawbar pulled machines to fully utilise the tractor’s sophisticated control systems just as if they were fully mounted on the 3 point linkage.

Autumn cultivations… perfect time for MF’s Datatronic

Bear in mind too, that you may also have opted for additional systems like ISOBUS, Video or Autoguide on your console and these too will help you get cultivations completed in a very smart productive way.

And the “icing on the cake”… if you also have datalogging or telemetry, you can relax back in the farm and analyse exactly what your tractor has been doing in the field and look for ways of  improving the performance even further!

Like most things, all of these functions will take a minute or two to set up and understand but the reward will be well worth it and you will be amazed at the results!

If you are in Europe and setting off on a few hard weeks of cultivations with your Massey Ferguson tractor fitted with Datatronic, take a bit of time to read up on its full capability and don’t hesitate to ask your Dealer for further advice on how to get the best from it… it is designed for you !

And finally, enjoy it… our tractors are straightforward and dependable and designed for a hard day’s work! What work do you do with your Massey Ferguson?

75 Years of 3 Point Linkage

He built and flew the first aeroplane in Ireland. He developed and pioneered four wheel drive for fast cars. 75 years ago, his first production tractors fitted with the revolutionary new 3 point linkage system rolled off the production line in Huddersfield, England. He was, of course, the genius inventor and pioneer, Harry Ferguson.

Ferguson Type A tractors commenced production in 1936

The revolutionary new tractor, called the Ferguson Type A was built in the David Brown Park Gear works. Ferguson had set up a company in collaboration with the Industrialist David Brown to build and sell the new machines.

With over 5 million Massey Ferguson tractors now produced and 3 point linkage standard on every mainstream tractor, I think we can safely judge Mr Ferguson’s invention to have been a success!

If you are visiting MF’s Technology Centre in Beauvais this year, please spend some time looking at the special exhibition that has been prepared to celebrate the 75 years.

Now of course, on many tractors, the system uses electronics to measure draft forces and control the reaction of the onboard hydraulics to changes in soil conditions but essentially the design principle remains the same.

With the most impressive brand DNA in farm machinery, Massey Ferguson pledges to continue to find new ways every day to play a positive role in the lives and experiences of farmers… we owe it to the great founders of our brand!

How many generations has Massey Ferguson been a part of your family?

When You Know You Have a Winner!

One look is all it takes.... MF 5400 Series

It’s funny but sometimes you don’t need to study the marketing brief to know if something will be a winner, one look is all it takes!

When I first saw the new MF 5400 series with its sleek, classy new look, I thought “winner” as did many others in the Massey Ferguson team. Quite simply, it looks like it is more than up to any job on the farm and is a handy size for most farmers, especially those who used to buy tractors from our Coventry built factory in the ’80s and ’90s.

It is also a very straightforward tractor, even though it features bang up-to-date technology that isn’t really available on its competitors in this class. I am thinking here of its Dyna-4 semi powershift transmission, ELC electronic linkage control and elegant integrated chassis.

During the build up to its launch, we trained our own people on it and looked closely at the main alternatives from the other popular brands outside of AGCO. Whilst these are all good tractors and fairly well built, I can’t help think that they haven’t really moved on much in the last 20 years and don’t really offer today’s younger farmers much in the way of progress over what their Dads would have been used to!

Only time will tell, but it is a sobering thought that sometimes we witness the birth today of a classic of the future!

Watch the  New MF 5400 SIMA 2011 Video. Do you think the new Massey Ferguson 5400 Series tractor is a winner?

Campbell Scott

I have only ever promoted the Massey Ferguson brand and never regretted a single minute. This brand has always had a mission to improve the success and sustainability of global agriculture… and this is why you can find Massey Ferguson products working in every corner of the world. Our farmers are a special breed…  they are amongst the finest out there, and working with them to do a good job together provides  the best job satisfaction in the world.

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