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Massey Ferguson Tractor Towed Wedding in Brazil

Massey Ferguson Tractor Towed Wedding in BrazilMassey Ferguson will be present in the history of the Pereira couple forever. The brand participated in the union of Roger and Letícia Pereira in an unusual way. The wedding cake had an unique detail by the side of the traditional miniature bride and groom: a small sized replica of the MF 4275 tractor. The wedding was performed back on the 16th of July, in the State of Paraná (Brazil) and the wedding cake was baked by Sônia Ladeia.

The couple’s life is linked to the land since Roger is a farmer.  The groom’s estate in Moreira Sales (Paraná) employs Massey Ferguson machines, so the couple used the miniature as a way to represent their passion for crops. This is an important event in the 50 years of manufacturing tractors in the Country and we toast to the new life of the couple.

It is not the first time the brand has had its tractor flanking the newlyweds on a wedding cake. On September 2010, Murilo Antonio de Souza Rinaldo and Milena Braga Pereira Braz Rinaldo also surprised their guests with a miniature on their cake. The Monte Mor (São Paulo) couple is a faithful Massey Ferguson customer and uses these machines in their daily lives at the fields on the State of São Paulo.

We heard from many of you before about your special additions to your weddings. Did you include a tractor or combine in your special day?

Aline Faber

I am a graduate in Social Communication, with a postgraduate degree in Strategic Communication and MBA (in progress) in Marketing Management. I am born in Porto Alegre, in southern Brazil, and currently live in Sao Paulo, one of the largest cities in the world. My grandparents always had farm and cultivated tobacco and maize in Rio Grande do Sul and I grew up watching the evolution of machines and of Brazilian agriculture. At AGCO, I am responsible for web, new media and social medias in South America for Massey Ferguson, Valtra and Challenger brands. I am working in AGCO since 2006 and had worked in areas such as Sales Engineering and Technical Publications and now I’m in Corporate Marketing.

Brazilian Customer Receives the First Massey Ferguson Sprayer in the World

It happened in Coronel Bicaco, on the countryside of Rio Grande do Sul;  a Massey Ferguson client received the first MF sprayer in the world.  The farmer, Marcio Luis Schreiner, will use the MF 9030 in his 450 hectares of soy, corn and wheat. The machine was delivered on June 11, 2011 by Pippi Máquinas Dealer, through its headquarters in Giruá city. Currently, Massey Ferguson sprayers are only offered in South America.

The farmer is already waiting for productivity gains with the sprayer work done on his crop. He plans to work with the machine in order to record the results by the end of the harvest. “With this sprayer capacity, I will be able to reduce the time of application from one week down to two days ”, celebrates the farmer who recently had sprayed his property with a machine adapted into a tractor.

The new machine acquired by Mr. Schreiner is also a brand value proof by the farmer. Besides MF 9030, the farmer still counts with a MF 297/4 tractor and one MF 5650 combine, as well as two Massey Ferguson planters. “I trust Massey Ferguson products and I know these machines are excellent for cropping”, affirms Schreiner.

The machine delivered on the countryside of Rio Grande do Sul indicates the first Massey Ferguson improvement in the self-propelled sprayer segment. The machine leaves the factory in Canoas with an innovative solution in the Flex Frame chassis. The main features of the new product is the capacity of keeping the contact of the wheels with the soil at any topography, absorbing the irregularities of the ground and ensuring, therefore, the maximum of traction and spray bar stability, regardless the application speed.

Other equipment features includes its 3 thousand liters tank and 24 or 28 meters spray bars, divided into five or seven sections. The ignition is made by electrohydraulic command and positioned in the joystick. MF 9030 is the only sprayer in the market which maintains a 1.5 meters free span with different options of wheels, a feature that allows working in greater crops without damage.

How would a sprayer improve efficiency and production of your crops?

South America is watching Ribeirão Preto

From May 2 to 6, the agribusiness attention in South America will be directed to Agrishow in Ribeirão Preto. AGCO will be present at the show with its Massey Ferguson and Valtra brands. Due to the good moment of the sector in the region, the Brands are introducing a great number of new products including tractors, harvesters, implements and sprayers. With more than 50% of the tractor market in Brazil and leadership in the other countries in South America, AGCO will have a stand for both Massey Ferguson and Valtra at Agrishow.

Massey Ferguson

Customers Massey Ferguson visiting Agrishow

Celebrating 50 years in Brazil this year, Massey Ferguson is offering the customers visiting Agrishow 2011 its first sprayer, new compact tractors and an extension in the offer for precision agriculture by introducing the concept of controlled traffic. In addition to these novelties, the implements’ line also presents a new planter (MF 500 S) and a series of frontal planes. The brand also goes forward in the forest sector, with four tractor models of MF 7100 Series adapted for forestry. Another segment receiving the trademark progress is the sector of binders, with the release of MF 2170. For the harvest, Massey Ferguson points out the Draper Dynaflex crop platforms, with a technology prepared to reduce losses and increase the crop productivity.


At the area intended for Valtra, the bet is on a complete line of products and novelties for 2011 as well. Among the new releases, the BS 3020H Sprayer, which combines technology and innovative mechanics, able to keep the stability throughout the whole spray procedure regardless the ground unevenness. The novelty comes to complete the line of Valtra solutions for the Brazilian agricultural activity. The trademark is betting on the magnification of its participation in new market segments as a strategy to keep the positive results achieved at Agrishow. In addition to Valtra products, already known by the producers, the factory brings novelties from Challenger, a trademark commercialized by the dealership network, new implements and also new tractors for the traditional heavy duty, which keep the leadership in this market. Another bet by Valtra for the period is the concept of controlled traffic with the introduction of Valtra Integrated Operation System.

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