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AGCO Planting Options Offer Speed and Accuracy

Most farmers view seeding as the most important task they complete each year. With few exceptions, the old axiom, “How you start is how you’ll end,”   holds true in crop production. If seed is not planted at a uniform depth, into moisture and with proper seed furrow closure, it will come up erratically at best.   Poor spacing and uneven emergence are two major yield limiters that must be avoided.  At the same time, it’s important to get the crop in the ground in time to take advantage of the growing season, while there is still moisture for the crop to germinate and emerge. In addition, many growers are expanding their acreage to spread fixed costs and improve profitability, which puts even more pressure on the need for efficiency and accuracy at seeding. Fortunately, both the Sunflower 9800 series single disk drill and the White 9800VE series planter lineup combined with the power and precision of Fendt tractors solve these problems with ease. Fendt

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Agro-Brief: Creating Performance Seedbeds


  1. Replace worn sweeps, blades, and harrows
  2. Level tillage tools
  3. Set working depths
  4. Monitor speed
  5. Avoid Compaction

Developing a good seedbed is important to get the crops off to a good start; yet often overlooked or difficult to obtain. Seedbeds need to have uniform residue distribution, loose aerated soil structure, and a level soil profile on both the surface and at the working depth of shanks or blades. As we move into spring consider the following:

REPLACE: Now is a good time to check spring tillage tools for damage and wear. Replace worn shovels, blades, and harrow components. It is difficult to do a good job with worn ground-engaging components.

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Agro-Brief: Nutrient Management – Banding

By: Darren Goebel, Director – Global Commercial Crop Care 

Banding Fertilizer

Banding Fertilizer: Single Disk Drill 6/24” Spacing and Cart

  1. Improve Farm Profitability
  2. Reduce Nutrient Losses
  3. Improve Nutrient Use Efficiency
  4. Increase Yield
  5. Reduce Nutrient Stratification


Growers are always looking for ways to improve farm profits, even more so in a down commodity market.  One opportunity to achieve better margins is incorporation of fertilizer banding into nutrient management programs.   Banding nutrients, as shown above, allows producers to variably apply nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, blending the right source at the right rate in the right place, at the right time.   These are the four R’s of nutrient management that improve farm profitability and promote environmental stewardship.

Why Banding?  Banding concentrates fertilizer in the root zone.   This is beneficial in several ways.   Read the rest of this entry »

Historic 100,000th Windrower Rolled Off Production Line in Hesston, Kansas

Hesston by Massey Ferguson® unveiled its historic 100,000th windrower on Tuesday, March 29, 2016, in the midst of the 70th anniversary of Hesston and 60th anniversary of the self-propelled windrower celebration at the Hesston manufacturing, in Hesston, Kansas.

The 70-year-old Hesston brand is a leading manufacturer of agricultural machinery, most famous for its high quality haymaking equipment since 1947.  The Honorable David K. Kauffman, Mayor of Hesston, was in attendance and declared it “AGCO Hesston Windrower Day.” Read the rest of this entry »


By Nyasha Mudukuti, AGCO Africa Ambassador 2016

‘Okay, the mic is set Nyasha, are you ready?’…. l looked at the AGCO team and simply nodded, l could feel my adrenaline level rising up. Just across me stood Jean Kaahwa, AGCO Africa Ambassador 2015, with an encouraging look. Couple of minutes later l was on stage with Prof. Martin Richenhagen, CEO of AGCO, and Dr. Rob Smith, AGCO‘s Senior Vice President and General Manager, Europe, Africa and Middle East. l could not believe l was sharing the stage with these two great men.

AGCO Africa Ambassador 2016 l hardly remember what l said on stage, but l vividly remember opening my eyes, standing in front of hundreds of guests. Not just ordinary guests, these were key stakeholders and major players in the agricultural sector. Most of which l had only read about, and never ever dreamt l could be able to shake hands and later on dine with. This is the beauty of being the AGCO Africa Ambassador….. lol.

Unlike Joy and Jean, the previous Ambassadors, my journey to being the AGCO Africa Ambassador had it’s own hurdles. It took me two years to stand on that stage, and I am glad l did not give up. So here l am in Berlin, super cold, first time in Europe and first snow experience. Fast forward to my hotel room, couple of hours after arriving, Sue Musunga Chuzu, the first AGCO Africa Ambassador checked on me and by default she babysat me. She shared with me her moderation experience, toured Berlin with me and let‘s not forget about that crazy shopping experience. Later in the evening I had my first meeting with the rest of the AGCO team welcoming me aboard.

So back on stage, I was listening to every panel discussion and thought about how relevant the issues were to my continent. The best part of the conference for me was listening to the success stories of two young agri-preneurs Eric Kaduru, the Founder of KadAfrica, and Ally Angula, the Co-founder and Managing Director of Leap Holdings. A revolution is not a revolution without young people and these two stories together with AGCO, Rabobank, Bayer CropScience made me realize that the transformation of the African agricultural sector is here and it‘s NOW!!!!

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