AGWN Visits Heifer International Ranch

IMG_1467Members of the Duluth Chapter of AGCO’s Global Women’s Network (AGWN) recently visited the Heifer International Ranch in Perryville, Arkansas March 10-12, 2017 and participated in the annual Lambing Weekend.  During the spring lambing season, women from across the country visit Heifer Ranch to watch a lamb take its first steps and reflect on the new beginnings that Heifer International brings to millions of families worldwide.  Participants attended sessions on sustainable agriculture and livestock practices while performing daily farm chores, such as caring for the farm animals and gardens.  These activities help participants understand and appreciate the lives of those helped by Heifer.

Susanne Lauda, AGCO’s Global Project Lead in Manufacturing Automation, initiated and led the 2015 North American AGWN community outreach program and the 2016 Duluth fund raiser to benefit Heifer International along with Megan Weiland, Global Supply Chain Sustainability Manager and former co-lead of Duluth AGWN, to benefit Heifer International.  Through combined efforts, AGWN has raised almost $18,000 for Heifer International, which resulted in education opportunities for young women, as well as providing farming communities in need with a wide variety of livestock and equipment.

“AGCO’s vision is to help professional farmers feed the world which aligns with Heifer’s goal to end world hunger and poverty.  We believe our affiliation with Heifer International will improve the lives of farmers in America and developing countries across the globe”, states Susanne.

AGCO Duluth participants in the Heifer Lambing Weekend include:  Susanne Lauda, Nancy Ford, Jennifer Parillo, Corina Ardelean, Elisa Townsend, and Diane Solomon.

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