The Massey Ferguson® 4700 Series: Heavy? Yes. Gas Guzzling? No.

Among a host of tasks, the new Massey Ferguson® 4700 Series is designed for heavier and larger implements, draft work and demanding applications. Yet, even with all that beef, these tractors are still amazingly fuel-efficient. That’s in large part due to electronic engine management coupled with a high-pressure common-rail (HPCR) fuel injection system.

0116test3A high-pressure fuel pump and single-pressure vessel deliver fuel to each cylinder at more than 23,000 psi. Individual overhead injectors use the high pressure to atomize fuel for optimized combustion. Meanwhile, the engine management system monitors every aspect of the engine’s operation and adjusts fuel flow, injection timing and other functions to deliver outstanding performance with very low fuel consumption.

The 4700 Series is hitting the North American market, and producers, landscapers and those who simply need a tractor on their farmsteads are offering rave reviews of the series. See the whole story at

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