Doing Good

As a group, those who work in agriculture are some of the most generous people on the planet. We’re simply hardwired to help neighbors and strangers alike.

Rick Gray: This Massey Ferguson dealership executive is planting seeds.

Rick Gray: This Massey Ferguson dealership executive is planting seeds.

It’s that spirit we salute here in this special feature, noting several extraordinary people and their stories of sacrifice and perseverance. Very special people who used words and phrases such as “rewarding” and “got way more out than I put in” to describe their own experiences. As you’ll see, their humility is as awesome as their generosity.

To be sure, the acts of kindness detailed in the stories linked below serve as inspiration for all of us to help make the world a better, more livable place. At AGCO, we hear that call too, working with groups here in North America, like FFA, and people abroad—those in Africa with whom we’re working to build a more sustainable agricultural infrastructure.

From those who travel to distant lands to assist people less fortunate, to those who work in their own community, each person profiled here said they helped themselves while helping others. Here then are their stories:

Rick Gray: This Massey Ferguson dealership executive is planting seeds.

Dee Doolittle: Caring for “retired” horses at Mitchell Farm.

Bill Troxel and Kristie Lee: Bill Troxel has turned giving into an art form.

John and Jean Partington: The Partingtons give of their time and effort at home and abroad.

John Varty and Molly Daley: Educating the populace about the realities of farming.

Gay Wagner: For Wagner, it’s all about the kids in his hometown.

David Diehl: A Montana farmer overcame huge obstacles and now helps others do the same.

From AGCO, A Helping Hand: AGCO Corporation and its employees give time and money for causes around the world.

We wish we could’ve featured more such generous people in this story. We know you’re out there. So, to all of you who offer a helping hand in acts simple and grand, we say thanks for every burden you’ve lifted and smile you’ve brought to another’s face.

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