Massey Ferguson Introduces Pro DM Series Mowers

Massey Ferguson introduces the Pro DM Series mowers, providing hay producers with another choice in efficient, durable disc mowers to keep hay operations on schedule cutting the most tonnage possible each season. 

Each of the new Pro DM Series mowers from Massey Ferguson works fast and efficiently to cut hay at the highest-possible capacity, and is built with durability and safeguards that reduce downtime, maintenance and manpower. Ranging from 8 to 11 1/2 feet in width, the three new mowers (DM1358, DM1361 and DM1362) deliver the smooth, clean cut expected from Massey Ferguson products.

Dean Morrell, product marketing manager, Hay and Forage, says, “We’ve deliberately built this mower tough, with safeguards like the driveGUARD cutterbar protection system, to keep operators out of the shop and in fields cutting hay.”

The new driveGUARD cutter bar protection system prevents damage to the internal parts of the cutterbar. If the mower hits a rock or large object, the shear disc will break, leaving the mowing disc in place and keeping parts from flying off, extending the life of the cutterbar. Shear discs can be replaced in just minutes, without leaving the field. The cutterbar’s modular design allows quick and easy servicing in the field if needed, and a standard quick-change knife system minimizes downtime needed for replacing cutterbar knives.

The low-profile cutterbar on Pro DM Series mowers is lightweight and shaft-driven, boasting a double-bevel gear design. This lets the mower run at a shallower angle, for a fast, clean cut.The Pro DM Series disc mowers also feature individual compact angular gears that provide an extremely smooth power transfer to all discs, for less wear than a conventional gear drive, ensuring a longer and more reliable cutterbar life.

Pro DM Series model DM1358 and DM1361 mowers also may be equipped to help hay dry down more quickly with the fast, easy addition of Massey Ferguson’s KC Tine or RC Roller conditioners. While tine conditioners on many disc mowers scuff the waxy coating off the hay stem, the unique coil design of the KC Tine conditioner gently fluffs, conditions and aerates the crop for accelerated drying times. It takes just moments for either of these conditioner attachments to be removed or reattached.

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