Growing Up On the Farm by Elias A.

This week we asked our customers, fans, and friends to become guest bloggers and share their stories about growing up on the farm. We want to thank Elias A. for his wonderful story and hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

In my childhood, as I started to understand everything around me, I realized that my father had a very unique occupation as a farmer, working on his own private commercial farm. By the time I was ten years old, I began to help him on the farm after school. This opportunity gave me a chance to know what growing up on the farm really means. Growing plants and crops on the farm necessitates serious commitment and follow up -beginning from the nursery throughout the plants’ maturity- in order to get a high quality product. Growing plants is not as easy as it may seem. It takes great mastery of nature and an understanding of nurture to be a successful farmer. The way we take care of plants is very similar to what parents do for their babies.When I was younger, my chores consisted of going to the farm field every day after school to watch and learn how my father worked and the methods he used. Sometimes when my father was out, I would check on everything and report to him whatever the employees did in their day’s work.Eventually, after sufficient practice, I began working on our diesel water pumps and providing mechanical services as a trouble-shooter, after learning from my dad. Now, I am capable of providing full-mechanical services to any type of diesel water pump. In addition, I have some experience with crop protection, but I was not officially trained in either of these skill sets. When I attended school, it was my dream to specialize in mechanical engineering, but this ambition was unfortunately halted by the death of my father when I was seventeen. Instead of continuing my education, I was forced to take responsibility of my family, with my little brother.

Now as a farmer, I can say that growing fresh tomatoes is true joy of mine. I appreciate the opportunity to share my “growing up on the farm” story with you.

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