Baler End-of-Season Inspection and Maintenance Checklist

Following up on our recent blog post about the importance of end-of-season maintenance we are now sharing with you our baler checklist. Just a few simple steps before storing your machine for the winter are keys to reliable machine performance and long life.

Baler checklist:
• Sweep or use air pressure to remove dirt, dust and hay debris. Aggressive washing should be avoided to reduce the opportunity for rust.
• Grease all grease zerks on wear points.
• Change hydraulic-system filters.
• After changing hydraulic filters, run the machine to purge air from the system and reduce the opportunity for condensation to form during the winter.
• Check gearbox fluid levels and change as recommended in the operator’s manual.
• Replace broken pickup tines.
• Oil chains before placing in storage.
• On round balers, inspect belts for checking and other wear. Loosen belt tensioners so they are not sitting under full tension through the winter.

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