Windrower End-of-Season Inspection and Maintenance Checklist

Following up on our recent blog post about the importance of end-of-season maintenance we are now sharing with you our windrower checklist.  Just a few simple steps before storing your machine for the winter are keys to reliable machine performance and long life.

Windrower checklist:

  • Begin your inspection at the header, looking for wear and components which should be replaced.
  • For sickle-bar headers, replace cutter bar teeth and ledger plates. Replace the guards once yearly when storing machines or add this to your list for completion during winter.
  • On disk mowers, replace knives and rotate or replace worn turtles covering the knives.
  • Grease all lift-system wear points.
  • For self-propelled machines, be sure to change engine oil and filters.
  • Replace or blow out all air filters, including the cab air filter.
  • Check all belts for checking and signs of wear. Inspect tires for wear that might require tire replacement. Inflate to the required air pressure.
  • Check and blow dirt and debris from radiators. On machines with “smart” reversing fans such as the V-Cool™ system found on Hesston WR Series self-propelled windrowers, radiator screens already should be clean and free of dirt and hay.
What does your end-of-season checklist look like? Tell is all about it on our Facebook page.

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