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Archive for July, 2012

Honorary Mention for Valtra at Fennia Prize Design Competition

The Valtra N163 Direct has received an honorary mention at the Fennia Prize design competition 2012. The Fennia Prize is an international design competition that recognizes outstanding industrial design in products and services.

Valtra launched the N163 Direct, currently the world’s strongest four-cylinder agricultural tractor, in November 2011. According to the jurors the tractor’s unique combination of light weight and power ensure agility, energy efficiency and environmentally friendly use. The new design of the chassis allows for even faster and more accurate work in limited space.

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A Big Smile from Massey Ferguson

Farmers of l’Oise region in Northern France created an impressive spectacle for the passing Tour de France competitors and their massive support and media entourage as they crossed l’Oise district near Beauvais on the 5th round of the world renowned cycle race.

“The objective was to create a giant dynamic smiley face” explains Xavier Arruego , Marketing Communications Manager “ to put emphasis on the superb agricultural produce of the l’Oise region. As the main farm machinery manufacturer inBeauvais, the Oise district and the Picardie region, Massey Ferguson tractors were naturally selected to show the close association between the quality produce produced in l’Oise and the quality tractors built inBeauvais”

It is estimated that hundreds of millions of viewers globally who eagerly follow the race will have seen this proud display. The 26 tractors were even given an impressive official escort by motorcycle Gendarmes as they left the factory to take up their position ready for the event.

Now, we wish good luck to all the competitors as they speed their way across the rest of France.


Farm Sustainability Blog Contest – Participate Now

AGCO’s farm sustainability contest has started! Submit your sustainability stories now.

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AGCO Announces Tier 4 Final/Stage IV Engine Strategy

Earlier today, AGCO announced its Tier 4 Final/Stage IV engine emissions strategy for its AGCO POWER diesel engines.  The updated after-treatment system will continue to offer an effective method for farmers to reduce emissions without compromising power, efficiency or fuel economy.AGCO POWER logo

Martin Richenhagen, Chairman, President and CEO of AGCO said, “Our objective was to develop emissions technologies that delivered a consistent solution for cleaner air while producing efficient options for farmers through to Final Tier 4 US and Stage IV EU. This was our focus when we introduced our e3 Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology in 2009 and continues to be our focus as we move to the next generation of emission reduction.”

AGCO will continue to use its proven e3 SCR technology in its AGCO POWER engines to address the needs of Tier 4 Final/Stage IV engine requirements. In select specific models, a small amount of cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation (cEGR) will also be added in order to ensure emissions compliance while minimizing fluid consumption and improving power balance. AGCO has established leadership and experience with both SCR and cEGR from launching both technologies on tractors in Tier 3/Stage IIIa.

“AGCO knows this technology well. We were the first to launch SCR technology in the off-road market in North America and have many years of working experience with both emission reduction technologies,” commented Matt Rushing, Director of Product Management, Global Electronics and Global Engines at AGCO. AGCO has led the industry in the continued development and improvement of SCR technology and has worked with industry partners to establish the Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) and AdBlue® infrastructure to support SCR technology use.

AGCO has kept the customers’ needs paramount since launching its e3 SCR technology in 2009.  “We wanted to develop a solution that would bring farmer input costs down, allow us to increase power levels and lower fluid consumption – all while offering reliable emissions reduction technology,” added Mr. Rushing.

Customers can expect that there will not be any changes to the way that they operate and maintain their future Tier 4 Final/Stage IV AGCO equipment. AGCO POWER engines will operate efficiently delivering total fluid economy (diesel fuel and DEF) that will meet or exceed the same fluid consumption levels as in AGCO’s Tier 4i/Stage IIIb machines.

Mr. Richenhagen stated, “We are confident that this is the best solution for both our customers and the environment. At AGCO, we are proud to deliver compliance without compromise. Our e3 solution delivers exactly what modern agriculture demands — cleaner emissions, improved economics and reliable performance.”

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