Don’t Forget to Enter our Farm Sustainability Contest!

Don’t forget to enter AGCO’s farm sustainability contest! You could have your blog featured on the AGCO site, and also get a chance to support your community by choosing a select organization for AGCO to donate to on your behalf.
Farm sustainability is not limited to how we are reducing our impact on the environment! It includes interaction with communities, and the ways in which we are helping to support our local economies. This could be how you approach farm safety and community involvement, or the way in which you engage with your local dealer. We want to hear your stories—including those pertaining to the social and economic aspects of sustainability! Register now, and share how you have been successful with sustainability on the farm!

2 Responses to “Don’t Forget to Enter our Farm Sustainability Contest!”

  • Naahama:

    This is my first time to discover you, I love what you are doing. I had been working with the African refugee women and families, human trafficking, domestic violence.
    As a found of the organization, being a women of black. I had face a challenge, but with courage of hope. I am working to rebuild my vision and my goal.
    Hope one day I will join us.

  • acorten:

    Dear Naahama,
    Thank you very much for sharing the information.We encourage you to follow the link in the blog and tell us all about your sustainability story for a chance to be featured on our blog and the chance to win a $500 donation for a pre-selected group of your choice.