AGCO’s Farm Sustainability Blog Contest

Providing for a population that is projected to grow from 7 billion to 9 billion over the next 40 years will require increased food, fiber, and fuel. This will mean higher sustainable productivity per acre of land. Farmers manage the land they work on, and they know sustainability.
Long-term soil health will become more critical to farmer livelihoods as expansion of arable land is constrained. And, the availability of clean water for both personal use and agriculture and industry will be an increasing challenge as the global water needs grow along with population.
At AGCO, we believe the health of communities will continue to be tied to the health of local farming. Both rural and urban communities’ livelihoods rely on our global farming community’s ability to respond to the changing, growing social and environmental needs of farmers around the world. This is why we believe that it is important to promote sustainable practices on the farm.
Have you been enjoying the benefits of making your farm more sustainable? AGCO’s first ever sustainability blog contest kicks off on July 9th, and we want to hear your stories!
Share what you have been doing to make your farms more sustainable, and how it has helped you to do more with less. Be selected as one of ten finalists, and in addition to having your submission featured on the AGCO blog, you will also be able to support local farming communities by choosing a select organization to receive $500 in donations! The contest will run from Monday, July 9th, up until the Tuesday of July 31st.
Help us promote the importance of sustainability, and tell us how you have been successful!

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