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AGCO Intivity Center and Manufacturing Expansion Officially Open

AGCO celebrates the grand opening of Intivity Center and the 75,000-square-foot expansion of its Jackson, Minn., manufacturing center.

The investment brings production of Challenger and Massey Ferguson high-horsepower wheeled row crop tractors to North America — a decision that was announced in early 2011. The manufacturing center expansion will contribute more than $17 million dollars and 200 jobs to the local economy, bringing the total number of professional, support and skilled manufacturing positions at the facility to 1,050. Intivity Center, a 17,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art visitor center, is AGCO’s first welcome center in North America, and showcases the farmer-focused innovation behind the brands upon which the company has been built.

Intivity Center offers an extensive collection of historical artifacts — many never before seen by the public. In addition, it includes a glimpse of the future of agricultural equipment through interactive displays demonstrating equipment technology in development at AGCO. Open to the public Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Intivity Center is expected to attract an estimated 10,000 visitors per year.
Martin Richenhagen, chairman and CEO, and Bob Crain, senior vice president and general manager, AGCO North America, opened Intivity Center with a ribbon-cutting ceremony attended by more than 500 dealers, employees, state and local elected officials and the media. A public open house for the local community will be held Saturday, June 9, 2012.
“Today is a great day for AGCO, and we’re thrilled to bring the production of Massey Ferguson and Challenger row crop tractors to North America for our North American customers and dealers,” said Richenhagen. “This is one in a continuum of efforts AGCO is undertaking through our commitment to deliver superior products, service and innovation as we have never done before.
“AGCO is proud to bring North American farmers the benefit of our global expertise in agricultural equipment, and Intivity Center captures many examples of our efforts, both from the past and those we will be bringing to market in the future,” added Richenhagen.
Crain reiterated the reasons Jackson was chosen as the ideal place in North America to manufacture the company’s row crop tractors.
“There is a long-standing tradition of hard work, commitment and understanding of customer needs here in Jackson. This commitment is evident from the speed with which the team here undertook and completed the construction, and brought the line up to full capacity to produce the Massey Ferguson and Challenger row crop tractors we can now proudly say are ‘built in North America’ for our customers and dealers here,” Crain said. “Thank you to everyone who has made this day possible, particularly our outstanding team of Jackson employees, led by Eric Fisher, director of operations. Jackson and our new Intivity Center are truly the new hometown of Agriculture and Innovation.”
Farm equipment manufacturing has been a part of the Jackson community since 1963, when Ag-Chem Equipment Company was founded as a distributor of spraying equipment. Ag-Chem was purchased by AGCO in 2001. Jackson is now home to Challenger and Massey Ferguson high-horsepower wheeled row crop tractors as well the Challenger track tractors and application equipment.

For more information about Intivity Center and AGCO Jackson Operations, or to schedule tours of the expanded manufacturing facility, visit For information about AGCO’s products and services or to find a dealer near you, visit

Fendt Tractors for Riding Arena

Boost in horsepower at the National Training Centre

From left to right: Heinz-Georg Mors (Managing Director, AGRAVIS Technik Münsterland GmbH), Heinz Brüggemann (Facility Manager of the DOKR National Training Centre), Hubertus Streyl (Branch Manager Warendorf, AGRAVIS Technik Münsterland GmbH), Dirk Fraune (Factory Representative Ruhr, Westphalia, Sauerland, AGCO GmbH), Dr Klaus Miesner (Managing Director Breeding, Board Member of the German National Equestrian Federation (FN),), Dr Dennis Peiler (designated Managing Director Sport, Board Member of the German National Equestrian Federation (FN)), Ludger Schröder (Regional Sales Manager, AGCO GmbH) and Georg Ettwig (Head of Marketing and Communication, German National Equestrian Federation (FN))

Four new “steeds” have moved into their quarters at the National Training Centre (BLZ) of the German Olympic Committee for Equestrian Sport (DOKR) in Warendorf. The tractors from the Fendt brand, however, have much more than one horsepower and will be put to work on the 26-hectare grounds for grassland, riding arena and riding hall maintenance as well as for events.

Fendt, the premium brand of the US agricultural equipment company AGCO, has been supporting the three Olympic disciplines of jumping, dressage and event riding at the German Olympic Committee for two years. Now Fendt is also the official partner of the DOKR.

The new tractors were handed over by Ludger Schröder, (AGCO Regional Sales Manager), Heinz-Georg Mors (Managing Director Agravis Technik Münsterland), Hubertus Streyl (Branch Manager Warendorf Agravis) and Dirk Fraune (AGCO Factory Representative) to the future DOKR Managing Director Dr Dennis Peiler and Facility Manager Heinz Brüggemann.

World Environment Day 2012

Today marks the 40th anniversary of the United Nations Environmental Programme’s World Environment Day.

This day stands to remind us that our planet’s resources are limited. With a rapidly growing population, and increased demand for natural resources, it has become apparent that the well-being of our future generations rests on our ability to adopt a more sustainable way of life. Raising awareness of the sustainability issue is a critical step in moving towards a cleaner world, and a better future. That’s why the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) created World Environment Day, and that is why it is important that we as individuals remain open to learning more.
The theme of this year’s World Environment Day is Green Economy. UNEP defines a Green Economy as one that results in improved human well-being and social equity, while significantly reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcities. In the most basic sense, a Green Economy is one driven by jobs and investments that focus on becoming more energy and resource efficient and improving efforts in carbon reduction. Some may see a Green Economy as an unnecessary cost and believe that investments into becoming more resourceful are essentially wasted, and that the benefits of the resulting efficiencies are too small to make a difference. One way that World Environment Day can influence society it by highlighting some of the many tangible successes around the globe. For example, China has implemented a five year plan that projects the per-unit GDP energy consumption to decrease 20% by 2010, as compared to 2005. This will be accomplished by using renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power. It is estimated that in 2009 alone, 300,000 jobs were created by the renewable energy plan. Are numbers such as these really too small to make a difference?

One of the greatest parts about a Green Economy is that it is designed not only to benefit the environment, but also to benefit you! Economic stimulation, job creation, and social equality are all things that include you. Take a look around, and investigate what is happening around you to support a Green Economy. Are you being included? See how others are celebrating, or share your activity!

Some people may close off the idea of having a Green Economy, we cannot ignore the importance of sustainability. Many companies, such as AGCO, have taken an initiative to embrace sustainability issues into their business. As more people learn about why issues such as these are important, they will understand that sustainable ideas such as moving towards a Green Economy are not only beneficial, but also necessary.

So, if you are looking for something to celebrate, feel free to go to UNEP’s World Environment Day home page to learn more about World Environment Day, and how people around the world are making a difference!


AGCO Intivity Center and Jackson Manufacturing Expansion

Share the excitement with us as AGCO is patiently awaiting the grand opening of Intivity Center and the 75,000-square-foot expansion of its Jackson, Minn., manufacturing center on June 7, 2012. The Intivity Center, will become the official visitor center for AGCO’s Jackson facility in North America. This is a destination for agricultural equipment enthusiasts of all ages, particularly those who are loyal to brands such as Massey Ferguson® and Challenger®, as well as RoGator® and TerraGator® products. Reservations for public tours are being taken through a convenient online process at Intivity Center features a wealth of displays detailing the evolution of agricultural equipment and the many foundational innovations that are still in use today. Displays include interactive videos and many never-before-seen historical artifacts as well as futuristic, animated exhibits of products from AGCO that are in development around the world.The manufacturing center expansion will contribute more than $17 million dollars and 200 jobs to the local economy, bringing the total number of professional, support and skilled manufacturing positions at the facility to 1,050. The investment brings production of Challenger® and Massey Ferguson® high-horsepower wheeled row crop tractors to North America — a decision that was announced in early 2011. For more information about Intivity Center or to make reservations to tour the AGCO Jackson manufacturing center, visit

“Charity Run” with a Fendt Tractor

For several years now, Paul Taylor has been collecting money for a children’s hospice through unusual fundraising campaigns. He has raised more than 5,000 pounds (approx. 6,000 euros). Originally the plan for this year was to traverse England with a tractor, but Paul ended up driving a tractor from Marktoberdorf, Germany to England.

The team headed by Paul Taylor (2nd from left): James Bond (left) from Clarke & Pullman, Peter Ascroft, who accompanied the tour as the mascot, and John Horrocks (right), also from Clarke & Pullman.

Paul Taylor has been raising money for three years for the children’s hospice in memory of Alice Hannah Foster, a daughter of friends, who died in the “Derian House Children’s Hospice” in 2007. In his search for sponsors and a tractor for this year’s fundraising campaign, he found support from the local AGCO dealers, Clarke & Pullman Ltd. Together with the Fendt UK Sales Headquarters and Richard Shelton, Fendt Brand Manager for the UK and Ireland, the idea finally took shape: Fendt UK provided Paul Taylor with its newest demonstration tractor, a 724 Vario, for the journey from Marktoberdorf to the hospice in England. The trip was planned together with the Fendt colleagues from Marktoberdorf. On 13 April, Paul started out on his journey, directly from the works in Marktoberdorf to Chorley near Manchester. Almost 1,500 kilometres lay ahead of him, leading him through Germany, France and finally via ferry over the English Channel to the UK. With the Fendt 724 Vario, Paul had all the technology required for a comfortable ride. A three-person team accompanied him and provided assistance, for example, in matters regarding country-specific traffic regulations.

Derian House ( is a children’s hospice that provides support for terminally ill children and their families. The hospice is open 365 days a year and the benefits are free for families. The hospice requires more than 2.85 million pounds (approx. 3.4 million euros) each year and is almost entirely supported by donations.

If you would like to support Paul’s Fendt fundraising effort for the hospice, you can make a donation at the following link: