Massey Ferguson 9500 Series Combine Proudly Waves the Maple Leaf

For the first time since it was launched last fall, the new Massey Ferguson 9500 Series axial combine will be on display at the 2012 Western Canada Farm Progress Show.

The combine will be wrapped proudly in the Canadian flag, recognizing the pride and heritage of the first widely available self-propelled harvesters which were manufactured in Toronto, Ontario.  “There is a great sense of pride among Massey Ferguson combine owners because of the long history of innovation and harvest excellence the machines have always delivered,” says Kevin Cobb, product marketing manager at Massey Ferguson. “The new 9500 Series offers the very latest in innovation, bringing growers some pretty impressive fuel efficiency and harvest capacity benefits. The Western Canada Farm Progress Show is a fitting stage to dress this combine with the Maple Leaf and to recognize its Canadian heritage and pride. It’s your country, your combine.” Visitors to the Western Canada Farm Progress Show may see the 9500 Series combines at the Massey Ferguson display in space #9420 on Lot M.

The new combines are the most productive and efficient machines ever offered from Massey Ferguson – providing greater power and capacity – designed to perform in even the most adverse crop conditions. The 9500 Series combines are powered by fuel-efficient AGCO POWER™ engines and offer exclusive advancements such as the new Trident™ processor, exclusive V-Cool™ system, redesigned cleaning system and more.
The 9500 Series has exhibited exceptional fuel efficiency without compromising power or torque ratings. “Growers are seeing 20 percent improvement in fuel efficiency, as well as 20 percent increase in harvest capacity with the 9500 series,” Cobb adds. The improvements are made possible by AGCO POWER diesel engines with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) clean-air technology. With SCR, the exhaust reduction process takes place outside of the engine after combustion. As a result, the engine stays cooler – so as to not diminish engine performance or fuel efficiency.
Massey Ferguson has further enhanced performance by changing the engine’s configuration. It’s now in line with the rotor, so power flow remains direct. This helps optimize power for smooth, efficient harvesting even when terrain, environment, crop volume and crop conditions become particularly challenging.

In fact, with the tough harvest conditions of Western Canada in mind, Massey Ferguson created its own special system to avoid heat build-up. With the new V-Cool system, the radiator and cooling units for air-conditioning, hydraulic systems and the air-to-air intercooler are arranged in a V-shape. Airflow is unrestricted and reaches each cooling unit directly, instead of being forced through multiple radiators. Even the engine air intake is pulled from the V-Cool area, promoting longer filter life and better performance.
The Massey Ferguson 9500 Series features three all-new models: the MF9520, with a six-cylinder 8.4 liter engine and the MF9540 and MF9560 which each offer an all-new 9.8 liter, seven-cylinder engine positioned in-line with the axial rotor for maximum driveline efficiency.
“The new Massey Ferguson harvesting lineup answers the most challenging question – how to build a combine with more capacity and less complexity,” adds Cobb. “As evidenced by the all-new Massey Ferguson 9500 Series axial combines, we’ve come a long way since Massey-Harris perfected the world’s first commercially successful self-propelled combine in 1938. Because we’ve not forgotten the principles and ideas upon which Massey Ferguson was founded, we are committed to designing and developing state-of-the-art machinery that exceeds grower’s expectations in performance and reliability.”
For more information on the new Massey Ferguson 9500
Series axial combines, be sure to attend the Western Canada Farm Progress Show or stop by your local Massey Ferguson dealer.

5 Responses to “Massey Ferguson 9500 Series Combine Proudly Waves the Maple Leaf”

  • Guy Conan:

    I had the pleasure of driving one of these for about 20 hours last year,its a very impressive combine.Across the fence the was three class 8 John Deere combines and we made them look like a class 5 machine.If Agco really wanted to sell more Massey combines,windrowers,mfd tractors,balers and everything else painted red they would paint a sprayer and articulating four wheel drive tractor red and make Massey Ferguson a full line.Until Agco starts to respect the Massey Ferguson line themselves and starts to market it properly they will never be seen a major player in the North American market,and nobody really cares about the Challenger line.

  • […] the new Massey at the Western Canada Farm Progress Show. I seen they are putting the maple leaf wrap on it, should look nice. Wonder if the feeder chain slats will be made from hockey sticks Massey Ferguson 9500 Series Combine Proudly Waves the Maple Leaf […]

  • Ray Wetzel Jr:

    Totally agree with the first comment. I work at a Challenger dealer and feel MF get totally abused. Challenger dealers in my area also sell Lexion combines and will never even attempt to sell a Challenger over a Lexion. Bad business in my mind. Yet when someone wants to buy a tractor the wheeled and tracked tractors are the greatest tractors ever? I just bought a 4880 MF this spring and I really don’t know what more you could really want. It is great and I feel it was ahead of it’s time. Would love to see some new 4 wheel drive MF’s around. Also would love to see the MF combines be on top again in the custom combine market. As long as I am wishing lets go retro and paint the unloading augers on the new combines silver. Just my 2 cents.

  • Ernie Meding:

    AGCO needs to have a RED Massey Ferguson articulated 4wd tractor to complete there great lineup! I’m Massey through & through and don’t care for yellow! Nothing wrong with Challenger but I Want Massey Ferguson RED! Not hard to figure it out AGCO!

  • Guy Conan:

    I was talking to a couple of my neighbors the other day and they both run Massey 9895 combines and 9420 windrowers,they love the product and believe that they are the best money can buy but they are thinking of switching brands.They are thinking of either Case or Deere because of whats going on right now with the dealers in western Canada.There seems to be this attitude from Agco that if you cant buy a Massey then you will surely buy a Challenger,not going to happen,all the Massey customers will going elsewhere.It makes absolutely no sense why Agco treats Massey customers this way when they have the product being built already and all they have to do is paint them red.If the customer wants this and I’m sure the dealers want this why not move forward and make Massey a full line,it would ‘pay off in spades’. Not hard to figure out.