The World’s Longest Yacht Race – Heather’s Update 4

No birds onboard

So I don’t think I am ever going to get tired of looking at the night sky. There are so many stars spattering the sky. It is magnificent. One of the other crew members has an app that shows you the constellations in the sky. The things you can learn! There was a “star” just on the horizon line that turned out to be Visit Finland.

We get giddy as school children when we see a shooting star, or dolphins, or other wildlife. But not birds. The crew have a hatred for birds for some reason. There was one today that had a particularly pointy beak. I could imagine it poking its little beady head through our spinnaker sail and then ruining our race. But…thankfully he just circled us and flew away.

So tonight my watch was on duty just as the sun was setting. We were all sitting there doing our thing when BAM!!!  Some fish just up and jumps out of the sea and crash dives into Nathan’s face! Now it makes me a little nervous to yawn as they might consider it a target…

Night time watches are increasingly becoming my favorite. Not only for the stars, but also for the relief from the heat and the sun. Today we took our first showers in a week. We each took a turn sitting on the “sugar scoop” at the rear of the boat and took a bucket of sea water to wash and then rinsed with fresh water. My hair hasn’t felt so good! A few of the guys even got haircuts. We’re a good-looking and good-smelling boat now.

Until next time!



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