Massey Harris Collection in Beauvais, France

We are in the process of beginning the restoration of our Massey Harris collection here in Beauvais, France. In doing so, we realise that we know much more about our Ferguson heritage models than our red and yellow forefathers.

We have four tractors here in the collection. One is an M-H Pony built in France so we know a bit about it, then we have a four wheel drive general purpose M-H tractor, again, we know its history.

We are interested to find out more about the two standard M-H tractors, dated around 1945 / 1950. Where were they made? How did they end up in France? What engines did they use etc… of course any details about these actual models would be greatly appreciated!

One of them is of special historical significance because it was the first Marshall Plan tractor supplied to France, as part of the US sponsored economic reconstruction plan for post war Europe, torn apart by the ravages of  six years of invasion, counter invasion and bombardment.

If anyone can shed any light on this one, we are very keen to hear about it…

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