Fendt 820 Vario

Fendt 820 Vario – the most sold model

In the past year, the 820 Vario from Fendt was in demand in Germany like no other model. The 205 hp tractor was the most sold model for the fourth year in a row. Furthermore, Fendt was able to sell the most kW in Germany in 2011 and claims the top position for tractors again.

With 757,492 kW sold (sum of the total power of all registered Fendt tractors) Fendt sold over 90,000 kW more than the second-place manufacturer and with a market share of 23.3 percent, is market leader in Germany. The Fendt tractors sold on the German market last year had an average of 132.8 kW (181 hp). The average of all tractors registered in Germany was 90.2 kW (122.7 hp). “This clearly shows again that Fendt is the partner for enterprise-oriented farmers and contractors,” said Peter-Josef Paffen, Spokesman for the Fendt Management.

The 820 Vario played an important role, since it was the most sold tractor model in Germany for the fourth time. The compact high-horsepower tractor was registered 1,071 times on the German market in the past year – 4,330 times since its market launch in 2006. The 820 Vario was sold more than 10,000 times around the world in just five years and therefore tops the list of the most-sold Vario tractors worldwide. “The successor, the new 700 Vario range, is already a sales hit,” said Peter-Josef Paffen.

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