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Fendt Demonstrates a “Farm Experience”

At the International Green Week in Berlin, Fendt was involved with the “Farm Experience” in Hall 3.2 as usual. That is were farming can be experienced hands on.

Peter-Josef Paffen, Spokesman for the Fendt Management (centre) and Sepp Nuscheler, Fendt Press Officer, hand a Fendt pedal tractor for the trade fair kindergarten over to Hermann Bimberg from the i.m.a.

The “Farm Experience” is a big crowd-puller every year at the biggest consumer fair for food, agriculture and horticulture. Its purpose is to explain modern farming to consumers in an easy-to-understand manner. “We are here at the International Green Week, because it gives us the opportunity to communicate directly with 400,000 consumers and to demonstrate what modern agricultural machinery is,” said Peter-Josef Paffen, Spokesman for the Fendt Management and added: “Fendt is committed to being here.”

Fendt tractors were found in all sizes at the “Farm Experience”: as remote-controlled model tractors on the Agravis model farm, in original size, of course, and as push tractors, go carts and pedal tractors. It is a tradition that Fendt donates the entire fleet for the trade fair kindergarten. After the trade fair is over, the proceeds from the sales of these tractors will go to a kindergarten in Berlin, which is planning to build a vegetable garden in the spring.

Fendt 820 Vario

Fendt 820 Vario – the most sold model

In the past year, the 820 Vario from Fendt was in demand in Germany like no other model. The 205 hp tractor was the most sold model for the fourth year in a row. Furthermore, Fendt was able to sell the most kW in Germany in 2011 and claims the top position for tractors again.

With 757,492 kW sold (sum of the total power of all registered Fendt tractors) Fendt sold over 90,000 kW more than the second-place manufacturer and with a market share of 23.3 percent, is market leader in Germany. The Fendt tractors sold on the German market last year had an average of 132.8 kW (181 hp). The average of all tractors registered in Germany was 90.2 kW (122.7 hp). “This clearly shows again that Fendt is the partner for enterprise-oriented farmers and contractors,” said Peter-Josef Paffen, Spokesman for the Fendt Management.

The 820 Vario played an important role, since it was the most sold tractor model in Germany for the fourth time. The compact high-horsepower tractor was registered 1,071 times on the German market in the past year – 4,330 times since its market launch in 2006. The 820 Vario was sold more than 10,000 times around the world in just five years and therefore tops the list of the most-sold Vario tractors worldwide. “The successor, the new 700 Vario range, is already a sales hit,” said Peter-Josef Paffen.

Children’s Safety on the Farm

As soon as kids learn to walk it seems they want to “help”. Whether it’s helping mom bake cookies or help dad feed the calves, giving kids chores establishes responsibility and develops skills.

The key for a parent is to recognize when a task is too advanced for their child. Sadly, many children on the farm are hurt each year by doing something that is beyond their ability. Although parents cannot completely child-proof a farm or ranch, they need to make it as safe as possible.

A few precautions will help keep your kids safe and give you a little peace of mind.

• Find out what the developmental characteristics of children are at specific ages. Pair that with your impression of maturity level and ability to determine a child’s readiness for a task.

• Identify the dangerous areas on your farm or ranch. Using your child’s characteristics and common sense, determine where kids are most likely to get hurt.

• Set up appropriate rules for children to follow and be consistent in enforcing them.

• Teach kids how to safety handle each job and make sure they have the necessary protective equipment.

• Supervision is key. Watch them do their chores until they can demonstrate safe practices repeatedly.

Kids love to help. It’s how they learn, experience, and appreciate life on the farm. Taking steps to make sure they’re tackling appropriate chores will keep them safe.

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*This post was submitted by Tracy Schlater from Farm Safety 4 Just Kids





Red Tractor Announces Sunday Lunch Hero!

After weeks of searching the nation for a Sunday lunch hero, Red Tractor is pleased to announce the winner – nine year-old Freya Thackray from Bradford.

Red Tractor had thousands of entries to the competition which was an integral part of the ‘Sunday Lunch Heroes’ campaign, encouraging people to get together and support great quality Red Tractor food for a traditional Sunday lunch.

Freya, nominated by her mum, Julie, was chosen as the winner because she supports her busy mum and dad in the kitchen and loves to cook Sunday lunch for friends and family. Freya also helps with the weekly shop by looking out for the Red Tractor logo on food and drink.

The prize for Freya, Julie and family is a delicious Red Tractor Sunday lunch cooked for them in the comfort of their own home by ITV chef, Dean Edwards. Dean first shot to fame as a finalist on Master Chef in 2006, he has starred regularly on ‘This Morning’ and is now resident chef on ITV’s ‘Lorraine’.

Julie, 50, from Bradford, UK  said: “I’m delighted to have won this competition for our daughter Freya who is a huge help in the kitchen. Freya absolutely loves Sunday lunch, and I feel she really embodies what Red Tractor were looking for in their Sunday lunch hero – an assertive little girl who really cares about where her food comes from.

“Freya loves to shop for her ingredients, and always makes a point of picking products with the Red Tractor logo on it, she knows this means the food has been produced to good standards. We’re hugely excited to have Dean Edwards visit and can’t wait for our delicious Red Tractor Sunday lunch with all the trimmings!”

David Clarke, CEO of Red Tractor Assurance, said: “We wanted to revive this Great British occasion by launching the Red Tractor ‘Sunday Lunch Heroes’ campaign. We had an overwhelming response and looking through the entries it is clear that many people are committed to quality food with a guarantee of origin. And what’s more reassuring is that children as young as eight are aware of where their food comes from.”

The Red Tractor logo is a mark of quality assurance that shows that food or drink products meet high standards of food safety, environmental protection and animal welfare. The Union Flag featured in the logo also highlights a guarantee of origin.

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DBC Expands Red Tractor Range

DBC Foodservice is expanding its range of Red Tractor quality assured products to enhance the breadth of its offering. This follows £600,000 of incremental sales across its Red Tractor fresh meat range in the last 20 weeks.

DBC’s commitment to its Red Tractor offering comes a year after the appointment of Rob McFarlane, as Commercial Director, meats. Rob was brought in to develop and enhance DBC’s fresh meat offering and develop a range of brands into foodservice.

Set against the distinctive backdrop of an iconic Massey Ferguson Red Tractor, DBC, the largest British-owned foodservice provider, welcomed Red Tractor’s head of marketing, Richard Cattell, to its head office in Welwyn Garden City to mark the initial success and re-affirm the development plans for 2012.

Rob McFarlane’s vision to develop fresh meat sales has included the successful introduction of Farmhouse Champion, a premium, British red meat brand; a new EBLEX Quality Standard range of quality assured beef and lamb products; and the Broadland Farms Red Tractor-certified turkey brand. New Red Tractor lamb and beef products, specifically aimed at chefs and caterers, will follow throughout 2012.

These initiatives have helped DBC’s total fresh meat sales to increase by 10% year-on-year during the current financial year to date (1 April to 31 December 2011).

Rob McFarlane, who joined DBC in February 2011 with 24 years of experience in the meat and poultry sector, says: “We are very excited to be developing our Red Tractor range of products, and are listening closely to our customers to ensure we consistently have the right products to suit their needs. DBC Foodservice has been working with Red Tractor Assurance for a while, and our expanding range of Red Tractor products demonstrates our continued commitment to British farming and to offering quality British products to our discerning customers.”

Richard Cattell, head of marketing at Red Tractor, says: “We are delighted that DBC is expanding its Red Tractor range, which demonstrates its on-going commitment to high standards of quality food and drink, and responsible farming. We are looking forward to working even more closely with DBC in 2012.”

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