Fendt: one Gold Medal, two Silver Medals at Agritechnica 2011

As previously announced by the German Agricultural Society (DLG), Fendt was awarded a Gold Medal and two Silver Medals for innovations shown at Agritechnica 2011. The Fendt GuideConnect, in which two tractors act as a unit, where one vehicle is unmanned, received a Gold Medal. The intelligent front loader, the Fendt CargoProfi and the load relief control for the comfort front linkage were each awarded a Silver Medal.

Fendt GuideConnect

Fendt GuideConnect Concept took home a Gold Medal for Innvoation at Agritechnica 2011

The experts from the neutral Agritechnica Innovations Commission have selected two Gold Medals and 39 Silver Medals from the 300 innovations that were submitted. Gold Medals for Innovations are awarded to products that have a concept that offers completely new functions or significantly improves known processes. Decisive is the importance for practical application, advantages for farm and labour management, improvement of the environmental and energy situation, as well as facilitation of work and improved operating safety. The Fendt GuideConnect system more than meets these criteria and will therefore be awarded a Gold Medal at the Agritechnica. “For the first time, farmers will be offered a system in which an unmanned tractor fully automatically follows a guiding tractor on the field. Both vehicles communicate wirelessly and are controlled by a highly accurate GPS steering system. The driver of the guiding tractor monitors both machines and can access the complete operating interface of the following machine. Having two tractors working at the same time significantly increases operator productivity. In contrast to a large machine with similar capability, two smaller tractors can be used more flexibly and cause less soil compaction,” stated the jury.

Silver Medals for Innovations are awarded for products which have been developed further in such a fashion that an essential improvement of the function or process is expected. Fendt was able to convince the jury of the Agritechnica Innovations Award twice here. The developers from Fendt received an award for the intelligent front loader Fendt CargoProfi and also for the load relief control for the front linkage at Agritechnica 2011, each of which will receive a Silver Medal. The jury’s verdict on the Fendt CargoProfi: “The functional range of the front loader has been significantly expanded with the aid of additional sensors and therefore enables new functions: two end positions for the arm and attachment can be preselected and approached automatically and therefore limit the working range (Memo function). The results of the integrated weighing system, featuring a tilt sensor, are documented. There is also a vibrating function, a speed-dependent damping system and end position damping. The controls are completely integrated in the tractor terminal.” The jury awarded the load relief control for the comfort front linkage a Silver Medal for the following reasons: “While driving, the bearing pressure of contour-hugging implements (e.g. mulcher, mower or snow plough) can be adjusted from the driver seat using the terminal. A position sensor on the front linkage actively detects uneven ground immediately and adapts the relief pressure automatically. The implement dynamically follows the changing ground contours while maintaining a constant bearing pressure.”

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