Construction of Extended Assembly Line is Complete in Jackson, Minnesota

Updates related to previous post Construction Nearing Completion on Jackson, Minnesota Facility Expansion

Complete: Expansion of Assembly Line

Another milestone achieved – the newly expanded assembly line in Jackson, Minnesota, USA is complete and is gearing up for wheeled row crop tractor production.  As part of the expansion plans announced in January this year, a new and longer assembly line was installed to accommodate both the current Challenger track tractors and the new Massey Ferguson and Challenger wheeled row crop tractors. With the new assembly line complete, production has transferred from the old line to the new one this month.  In mid-December, the first pilot wheeled row crop tractor will be assembled on the new line.

AGCO Jackson: Engineers building first pilot unit (Massey Ferguson 8600 Series)

Engineering team building 1st pilot unit by hand.

During the assembly line construction, the engineering team was busy at work building the first wheeled row crop pilot unit by hand to ensure quality assembly practices on the new line.  This pilot model, a Massey Ferguson 8600 Series tractor,  is currently doing tillage work at the proofing grounds for quality testing. And I’m happy to report it is passing all the tests with flying colors.


Check out this video of the construction progress starting with the ground breaking in April leading up to the assembly line completion.

Jackson Welcome Center - Front Entrance

Jackson Welcome Center

Next Up:  New Welcome Center

The next milestone of the AGCO Jackson facility expansion is the visitor’s center – the place where innovation meets productivity.  Scheduled to be finished in Spring 2012, this will be your first stop when you visit the upgraded facility where you will experience agricultural innovation first-hand.

We will announce the grand opening details as well as start accepting tour reservations in early Spring.  Stay tuned.


You can stay up to date on the construction status 24/7 by visiting our live video feed streaming now.

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Once complete, when would you like to visit the new Jackson facility?

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