Massey Ferguson Celebrates 50 Years in Brazil

October is a very special month for Massey Ferguson. In 2011, the brand will complete 50 years of existence in Brazil and will celebrate with a series of events around the country. Check this post to see everything that was done to spruce up this commemorative month.

Massey Ferguson 50th anniversary party
Reflecting continuous investments in technology, the Massey Ferguson Canoas (RS) factory is today one of the most modern in the country. For this reason, it was chosen to receive the party’s guests to celebrate the brand’s 50th anniversary.

With around 700 people present, the October 6th evening was highlighted by the opportunity to relive all of Massey Ferguson’s history, as well as the historical facts and world personalities, encompassing the past, the present and the future.

Five decades of history were represented by a sensory tunnel that led the visitors down memory lane, emphasized by celebrity personalities such as: Elvis Presley, Roberto Carlos, characters from the films Hair and Saturday Night Fever, among others.

Mr. Martin Richenhagen, President, Chairman and CEO of AGCO, joined by Mr. André Carioba,  AGCO’s Senior Vice President of South America, were present at the celebration and were able to enjoy the company of Pelé, the Soccer King, and country music Daniel’s show, both Massey Ferguson clients.

The program Brands & Machines covered the party and broadcasted a video. Check it out:

Marcas e Máquinas – October 15th – Massey Ferguson 50 years in Brazil (in portuguese)

To see more pictures of the event, access Massey Ferguson Brazil’s Flickr below:

The commemorative book is full of the brand’s and its clients’ history and travels back in time, showing the significant happenings for Massey Ferguson through the decades.

Massey Ferguson’s Your History Promotion
Massey Ferguson’s Your History Promotion was a success. Carried out between February and September this year, the contest that gathered clients´s relationships stories with the brand, reached the expressive number of 693 participants in over 370 cities in Brazil.

During this period, videos were both sent to the contest site ( and captured in a booth at the main agricultural fairs in the country.

The contest winner, Lourdes T. A. Osaida, achieved a great number of votes and will travel to France with a traveling companion, where, besides the typical sight-seeings, they will visit Massey Ferguson’s factory in the country.  The Contest had over 150 thousand votes.

Looking to the future. This is just the beginning.
Forward-looking, the agricultural machinery brand, recognized by its red color, expects to extend its leadership in the tractors market and rise up ranks for the best-selling harvesters in the country. The focus on solutions of the farmer’s needs size and the proximity with the rural producer will not change.

For AGCO marketing director Fábio Piltcher, “despite the 50-year-old leadership in Brazil, Massey Ferguson concentrates its efforts in the investment in people, processes and new products, projecting toward a future of working side by side the Brazilian rural producer, which enables a promising perspective in the historical period.”

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