Maren Lammerding

Hi, my name is Maren Lammerding and I’m from Germany. I have been an intern for AGCO Australia in Marketing since September 2011. I’m currently in my fifth semester of a combined Bachelor of International Business Law and Business Management at the University of Applied Sciences Gelsenkirchen. Since I grew up in a small rural town I have noticed how important agriculture is to our economy and how it’s getting more and more important in the future. In addition to the fact that I need to do an internship during my study program, I chose AGCO Australia as being a perfect place to do the internship. Here I have got the chance to put into practice the knowledge I have acquired over the course of my degree and to gain new practical experiences by working abroad. Since I would like to work on an international basis in the long run I am really thankful and appreciate that AGCO Australia gives me the opportunity to do this internship.

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